Cannabis Caramels

We make wonderful cannabis-filled organic butter with high quality flowers & trim. And we use none of the following: High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gelatin, and pectin. Nor do we use any hash oil extracts made with solvents like butane and propane.… Read More


Flower in a BottleView Tinctures Cannabutter Feels BetterView Caramels Small-batches. Organic ingredients. Sourced with clean Oregon cannabis.Read about our process

About Danodan

Our Process Right now, consumers are being led to believe that a “pure CBD” or “pure THC” extract is synonymous … Read More


Home grown. All of Danodan’s products are created in Portland, OR and crafted in small batches, with minimal processing, from … Read More

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