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Asking for a Friend: Is Hemp Legal in Oregon?

By May 30, 2022 June 8th, 2022 No Comments
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And Are CBD Products Like Organic Hemp Oil Legal in Oregon?

The laws regulating hemp and cannabis (commonly known as marijuana) have changed so much in recent decades – and even in the last few years! – so, if you happen to be in Oregon like us, you might be asking yourself: Is hemp legal in Oregon? And what are Oregon’s hemp regulations?

But before we get into that, let’s get some context.

Some Definitions

Cannabis and hemp are in the same family (cousins, in a way), but differ in how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) each has. THC is the compound in cannabis that causes you to feel “high.”

This family of plants has been used medicinally, religiously, and recreationally for millenia. They have historically been cultivated for textiles and oils too. (Medicine, good times, or fabrics – we support you!)

Cannabis (or marijuana) is probably most well known today for medicinal and recreational use. (Smoke it. Vape it. Gummy it. You do you!) It typically contains higher amounts of THC than hemp, from just a few percent to more than 20%.

Hemp, on the other hand (sometimes called industrial or therapeutic hemp), by law contains a lower concentration of THC – 0.3% or less. (More on that later.) Today it’s commonly used for therapeutic uses in the form of tinctures or oils or it’s grown for its plant fibers to make materials like textiles.

Hemp flower refers specifically to the flowers (or buds) of the hemp plant which contain higher concentrations of compounds and cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD). 

So Is Hemp Legal in Oregon?Legal gavel and cannabis hemp leaf. Is Hemp Legal in Oregon? buy organic cbd. hemp oil & the benefits hemp oil for men & women. cbd organic.

To answer the question “is hemp legal in Oregon” we’ll start by showing how it all happened. 

The family of cannabis plants were criminalized in a number of countries all over the world starting in the 1800s, but restrictions started to lift by the end of the 20th century. 

States in the United States (U.S.) started to legalize hemp and cannabis (state by state) starting medicinally in California in the 1990s and recreationally in Washington and Colorado in 2012. 

As states in the U.S. increasingly legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis in the 21st century, the federal government decided in 2018 it was time to federally legalize at least one member of the cannabis family: hemp

The Agriculture Improvement Act (also known as the Farm Bill) of 2018 removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, effectively legalizing it in all states. This applies to hemp with THC concentrations of 0.3% or less. 

So is hemp legal in Oregon? 

You bet. And everywhere else in the U.S., for that matter. 

As for cannabis (marijauna), as of 2022, most states in the U.S. have legalized its use in some form, but it still remains illegal at the federal level.

So What Are Oregon’s Hemp Regulations?Legal books and gavel. What are the hemp regulations in Oregon? buy cbd. hemp oil. cbd oil for pain. organic hemp. cbd tinctures. cbd buy.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the market for hemp was worth more than $820 million last year.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the amount of hemp grown in Oregon has shrunk in the past few years, but Oregon is still one of the top 10 states when it comes to growing hemp. 

Oregon’s hemp regulations are determined by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). 

(Cannabis regulations, on the other hand, are determined by both the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission). 

Oregon hemp regulations require farmers who want to grow hemp in Oregon legally to submit to a background check and apply for a license with the ODA. Currently, only individuals without a felony conviction in the past 10 years are eligible for a license. 

Recently, in response to what seems to be an increasing number of illegal cannabis (marijuana) growers operating under the guise of legitimate hemp farming, the state legislature has limited new hemp licenses and emphasized THC testing to ensure the growth of legitimate hemp crops. 

So there are some growing pains, but Danodon is confident when it comes to hemp.

And Danodan is proud to source hemp from organic Oregon hemp farmers. 

One of the reasons Danodan supports Oregon hemp farmers is because growing hemp in Oregon helps keep soil healthy. 

This is because the plant is a known bioremediator (or phytoremediator), meaning it’s able to absorb toxins from the soil without damaging the plant itself!

OK, Hemp’s Legal, But What About Hemp-Derived Products?Are hemp products legal in Oregon USA? cbd tincture. where to buy cbd oil. full spectrum cbd oil. hemp oil vs cbd.

So, hemp’s legal, but what about products made from hemp? Are hemp oil and organic hemp oil legal in Oregon?

Legalizing hemp in the U.S. has increased the opportunities to study the plants benefits and uses and create legal hemp-derived products. 

So, yes, hemp oil is legal in Oregon, as are other hemp-derived products.

Hemp oil is a bit of an umbrella term for several hemp and CBD products. They’re generally made by combining hemp flowers or hemp extract (or isolated CBD) with an oil.

Again, hemp oil is legal, but make sure you buy from reputable sources. 

As with hemp oil, this applies to gummies, lotions, and whatever else might be made from hemp.

Reputable hemp and CBD companies are transparent about their products and should provide customers with lab test results from their products, including CBD and THC levels, pesticide levels, and more.

Danodan products are all third-party tested in reputable labs for safety and quality. You can find those test results here

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Oregon?Image of Danodan organic CBD oil, full spectrum CBD tincture for sale online USA. buy cbd oil & cbd for inflammation. where can i buy cbd oil.

What about CBD? Is CBD hemp oil legal in Oregon? 

Yep, and here’s why:

Some of the most popular benefits of hemp stem from the presence of the compound cannabidiol (or CBD). It’s the most significant compound found in hemp. CBD’s purported benefits include helping to relieve stress and improve sleep, among others. 

While the CBD used by some companies is isolated from hemp using harsh solvents and processes, Danodan uses only whole hemp flowers to provide all the benefits of the hemp has to offer. 

We do this because studies suggest that when all the compounds and cannabinoids in hemp work together, they’re more effective than a single compound or cannabinoid taken alone.

It’s a theory called The Entourage Effect. To use a food analogy, a vitamin C pill is fine, but eating an orange is so much better. 

Today, CBD can be found in products ranging from lotions to gummies, but it’s commonly found in tinctures or oils.

Danodan products fall into this category. 

We craft organic hemp CBD tinctures that are formulated to help manage stress, support sleep, and provide relief for soreness from inflammation. But Danodan products are uniquely effective because we blend whole hemp flowers with plant-derived glycerin instead of oil.

Glycerin is a plant compound that acts like an oil, but it’s fully water soluble. In other words, Danodan products dissolve conveniently into liquids and are easily digestible. So you can make any drink a CBD drink!

Confirming: Hemp Oil is Legal in Oregon

Absolutely it is. 

After the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is federally legal in all U.S. states, including Oregon, as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less. And Oregon is one of the top hemp growers in the U.S. 

And Danodan proudly sources organic hemp from Oregon hemp farmers to make the finest organic hemp tinctures on the market. 

Our products are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, and provide all the legal benefits organic hemp has to offer.

 Whether you’re looking to manage stress, support healthy sleep, or deal with pain associated with soreness or inflammation, check out our entire line of organic hemp CBD products and Experience the Danodan Difference.

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