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Return Policy and Privacy Policy

At Danodan, earning your trust is most important to us. That is why we have a strong Return Policy and Privacy Policy, to both ensure your satisfaction and protect your personal information.

Return Policy

We guarantee our products against any defect in packaging and handling during the shipping process. All of our products are inspected upon shipment to guarantee they will arrive safely; however, accidents do happen, and if you receive a damaged product, we will replace it free of charge. Simply email, explain the situation, and please reference your original order number.

Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions are natural products that are not FDA Approved or Tested. While we believe in the power of hemp to support whole-body health, we cannot guarantee that our products will be effective for everyone, and especially not immediately. We recommend thoroughly reading our Suggested Use Guidelines before coming to a definitive conclusion about how Danodan is working for you. After that, if you are still not satisfied, please contact us at and we will do our best to resolve your concerns.

Privacy Policy

We use cookies on our website for information and tracking purposes. These cookies are only used for our own Sales and Marketing objectives. Danodan Hempworks will NEVER sell or give away your personal information without your expressed written consent.

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