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Danodan Suggested Use Guidelines

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We get a lot of people asking us for guidance on how, when, and why to take our product. These are all very important questions! That’s why we’ve created these Danodan Suggested Use Guidelines, with an important explanation into our reasoning and philosophy behind our full-spectrum hemp flower shots. 

Rule #1: Start low, go slow

CBD still has researchers figuring out exactly how it interacts with our body, and specifically our endocannabinoid system.  The scientific consensus generally states that hemp-derived CBD products are safe and possess very little risk (if any) of adverse side-effects. Nevertheless, each person will respond differently. 

This is not meant to alarm; on the contrary, you might not need as much as you think. Some people will respond to small amounts of 5-10mg per day, while others may need amounts closer to 30-50mg per day, or somewhere in between. 

For CBD beginners, we recommend our blue label products. These products which contain 6mg per 2mL serving in our 4oz and single-serve packets, and 3mg per 1mL serving in our 1oz. bottle. We believe this product is gentle, mild, and a great place to start for new users. Take 6mg per day for one week, and see how you feel.An assortment of jarred goods, fresh produce, and a bottle of Danodan CBD on a countertop.

Because we use organic vegetable glycerin as a base for our products, the CBD and other cannabinoids are steadily absorbed and metabolized.

This means that the effects are subtle and pleasant. This greatly reduces the risk of experiencing drowsiness or sudden changes in mood or emotion.

This varies greatly from nano-emulsified or isolated CBD products. These formulas hasten absorption and metabolism. This process can result in a sudden upswing in effects, and also a quick crash afterwards.

Danodan products avoid these swings with its unique formula, creating a more gentle experience. 

Rule #2: Be mindful; listen to your body

Lots of times, the effects of CBD and other phytocannabinoids are very subtle. Because CBD doesn’t produce a “high,” some people claim they don’t feel any effect. However, we believe that CBD is not a one-time-does-it type of remedy, and results often take days or weeks to be fully felt. 

This is similar to many other supplements (and drugs) available today. Products like vitamin D and fish oil are very good for you and possess many clinically-proven benefits, but it often takes weeks or months to notice their beneficial effects. 

CBD should be considered much the same. Although it can be beneficial for supporting joint health, stress and anxiety management, and disrupted sleep, these issues are not going to be resolved after just one use. 

Consider keeping a journal of your symptoms, sleep, and overall mood. Be sure to note when you take your Danodan, too. If you feel that your symptoms persist after the first week, consider increasing your amount, and keep tracking your progress. 

The effect of therapeutic hemp on our endocannabinoid system is mysterious, and researchers are still trying to find a concrete answer. While they exercise diligence in their academic pursuits, I urge you to exercise patience in your journey of self-healing as well.

Rule #3: Consider purpose and timing

Why you are taking CBD is very important to consider when deciding how much to take. Consider the frequency and severity of your personal condition. Does it occur occasionally? Daily? Multiple times per day? Does it interfere with your ability to function? All of these can help you decide how much Danodan is right for you.A woman makes a cup of pour-over coffee with a bottle of Danodan CBD.

Timing is another factor to consider when taking Danodan products. For example, some use Danodan for relief from stress, others for recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, or others say it helps with disrupted sleep.

All of these situations likely occur at different times of your day. Therefore, taking your Danodan in conjunction with those symptoms may help it be more effective.

Luckily, CBD is generally well-tolerated and poses very little risk of side effects. Dividing your Danodan throughout the day or increasing it slowly over time should be safe.

Of course, every person is different and CBD’s effects can vary, so be patient and aware of your own reaction. And always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any new supplements, including CBD. 

Rule #4: Enjoy the Whole Plant Effect

Consider this notion: We eat with our eyes first.

What this means is that the simple act of looking at food triggers a domino effect in our digestive system. This prepares our body to digest with maximum effectiveness. This is what is known as the cephalic (səˈfalik) phase of digestion. 

During the cephalic phase, our body responds to outside cues – sights, smells, sounds – and our body prepares itself for a meal. We start to salivate, our stomach releases digestive juices, our pancreas secretes insulin into our bloodstream, and many other small reactions occur. These are a conditioned response – think Pavlov’s Dog – that occur only in response to food.

I encourage you to take this principle of the cephalic phase of digestion and apply it to your Danodan routine. Our low-impact production process leaves all of the beneficial plant constituents in our products – the terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids – so our products really smell, taste, and look like hemp. 

Although some might find this off-putting at first, consider the potential benefits of such a full-plant extract. Additionally, the interaction between these various compounds found in hemp and our five senses elicits a deep, whole-body response. Some believe these reactions even connect to our evolutionary biology and human’s long relationship with hemp going back millennia. 

While other CBD companies may strip-mine their CBD from the plant and leave everything else behind, Danodan uses a much more gentle process that respects every component of hemp. This is not some flavorless isolate suspended in solution; this is the Whole Plant Effect.

How can I maximize the Whole Plant Effect?

When it comes time to take your daily amount, consider enhancing your sensory experience, and engaging your digestive system in some of the following ways:

  • Think about it ahead of time – even the simple thought will start to get your body ready.
  • Mix your Danodan into some hot water, or a hot cup of tea – after all, it’s 100% water-soluble CBD. Breathe in the aroma before drinking.
  • Experiment with mixing your Danodan into other beverages or food, to engage all your senses.

The interaction of our mind and body is essential for proper digestion and absorption of our food. We implore you to consider Danodan as food as much as a supplement, just as we think of ourselves as bakers as much (if not more) than we do as scientists.

So, here’s our handy Danodan Suggested Use Guidelines. Consider printing them out and putting them on your fridge to remind you to engage more mindfully with your wellness routine. Cheers to a happier and healthier you!

Danodan Suggested Use Guidelines