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The Role of Scent in Your Well-Being

By January 24, 2020 August 12th, 2020 No Comments
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A pair of pink iced beverages with lavender flowers in them, and a bottle of Danodan on the side.

I have given out hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Danodan samples. People who taste our Whole Plant CBD for the first time often comment that they begin to feel the effects of the CBD within minutes, or even seconds. This occurs long before anything has even entered the bloodstream.

Is that possible, one may ask? The answer is yes, it is possible to feel some effects immediately. This reaction has to do with the olfactory system that connects scent receptors to the human brain.

Consider this: Have you ever walked through a dense forest or down a row of freshly cut Christmas trees and inhaled the uplifting, lung expanding fragrance of pines and firs? Have you used aromatherapy, such as essential oils, oil diffusers, or candles? Do you immediately experience a deep sense of relaxation or well-being as a result?1oz bottle of Danodan in a bed of green succulents

This positive experience of smell is aided by our human body’s built-in receptors for plant aromas. These aromas, known as ‘volatile oils’ or ’terpenes,’ are captured by cilia that are connected to the olfactory, nervous, and limbic systems.

According to Evan Sylliaasen of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine,

Aroma has a very direct action on the brain. As aromatic molecules are inhaled through the nose, they attach to receptor cells in the cilia connected to the two olfactory bulbs in the brain. Through this process countless chemical reactions are set off inside the human organism, effecting emotions, electrical responses, thoughts, mental activities, and even many bodily functions. Electromagnetic impulses are triggered and messages are transmitted and received. The part of the brain most involved with this process is the limbic system; which shares a direct connection to the emotions, memory, learning, hormone balance, sexual drive, energy levels, heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, stress levels, fear, anger, and joy.”

“There are many receptors in this area of the brain that are specific to unique compounds found in plants. For instance, research has shown that benzodiazepene receptors are found in large quantities on the olfactory bulbs, and many prescription drugs such as valium or antidepressants work on these receptors. Before man-made drugs like this were created however, nature was the provider of these plant-derived chemical compounds. Like keys to keyholes, each aromatic compound found in nature has its own unique receptor in our brains. On every walk through nature, an aromatic key anticipates opening a stuck emotional lock that could be holding us back from healthier mental, emotional, or spiritual states.”

Here at Danodan, we want these natural compounds to be front and center. Danodan’s complex flavor is bitter-sweet, flavone- and chlorophyll-rich, with notable aromatic terpenes natural to hemp.

Some of Danodan’s sweetness also comes from the organic vegetable glycerin we use to extract the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. But we never add any sugars or flavorings to replace or disguise the hemp’s beneficial terpenes.

Danodan Hemp Flower Shots are a pure, natural, and true representation of all the amazing components of Oregon-grown hemp. Experience the Whole Plant Effect.


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About the Author: Christine Ellis is a life-long advocate for health through organic farming practices, natural medicine, and cannabis. She is from Vermont, and has spent the last 9 years in the Northwest as a cannabis cultivator and consultant and is currently studying herbalism with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Through the years, Christine has forged many strong relationships with natural brands, including Danodan. If you are fortunate, you will meet her at a community event or your local natural foods store in the Portland area, sampling and educating people about the power of the “whole plant.”