Danodan Products FAQs

What makes Danodan different from other CBD products?

At Danodan, our products are as unique as you. Our patented methods use whole Oregon-grown hemp flowers and organic vegetable glycerin in our slow, small-batch infusion process. We don’t take any shortcuts and we don’t use any harsh solvents or aggressive measures; we respect the integrity of our hemp flowers, ensuring you get the most complete and representative infusion of pure hemp flowers.

Also, through our unique process, we have achieved one of the only full-spectrum and water-soluble hemp infusions on the market today. This provides maximum benefits with ultimate useability, allowing you to enjoy Danodan in a favorite beverage or take it straight.

What is the Whole Plant Effect?

The Whole Plant Effect is the effect one can expect when consuming a full-spectrum, whole plant-based CBD product from Danodan. That’s because the natural presence of all of hemp’s compounds – phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and chlorophyll – helps our products achieve a more complete effect.

Phytocannabinoids are plant-based cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and many others, which are naturally occuring in hemp. These compounds interact with our endocannabinoid system, our body’s system which plays an important role in sleep, stress, anxiety, memory, immunity, and many other important functions.

Terpenes are the natural scent compounds found in all plants. Aside from enhancing the sensory experience, terpenes have many uses in natural medicine and healing. The practice of aromatherapy is based on terpenes.

Flavonoids are the pigment molecules in plants that give them their color. There are a wide variety of flavonoid compounds in nature, and many have been shown to produce very beneficial effects, from improving cardiovascular health to helping fight cancer.

Chlorophyll is the plant compound which is in all green plants that allow it to absorb energy from the sun and turn it into food for the plant. Chlorophyll gives Danodan that very “grassy” flavor. It has also been shown to be very anti-inflammatory, help detoxify the blood, heal wounds, and support the immune system. 

By keeping all of these beneficial compounds in our final product, Danodan hemp products elicit a more complete response from our body, going beyond our endocannabinoid system. This is what we like to call the Whole Plant Effect

How should I enjoy my Danodan Hemp Flower Shot?

Because we use 100% organic vegetable glycerin, Danodan Hemp Flower Shots are completely water-soluble, and mix in easily with any beverage. Our extracts are full of the natural flavor of Oregon-grown hemp, with a slight subtle sweetness from the glycerin.

This means you can enjoy your Danodan straight, mixed with a little water, or as a delicious addition to tea, bubbly water, soda, smoothies, hot cocoa, beer, cocktails, or anything else you enjoy drinking!

Check out our Suggested Use Guidelines, and find some drink ideas here.

I'm new to CBD. How much should I use?

Each of our 1oz products have a serving size of 1mL. Our calibrated droppers show exact volume measurements on the dropper, so it is easy to be sure you are measuring your dose accurately. 

Our single-serve packets and 4oz pump bottles each have a serving size of 2mL. For the packets, this is the entire content of each packet. For the 4oz bottle, each full pump is exactly 2mL.

We recommend adhering to these suggested serving amounts for the first week of use, to allow your body to adjust to our full-spectrum hemp flower extract. After one week, feel free to adjust your dose up or down depending on your specific needs. Learn more about our Suggested Use Guidelines.

What are the different levels of CBD in your various products?

Our different lines of products offer different concentrations of CBD. These lines are easily identified by their different color on the label – blue, yellow, and red. 

Blue label products contain 3mg of CBD per 1mL.

Yellow label products contain 10mg of CBD per 1mL.

Red label products contain 15mg of CBD per 1mL. 

Our 1oz tincture bottle specifies a serving size of 1mL and has a calibrated dropper which allows the user to measure out their product in 0.25mL increments. Both the single-serve packets and 4oz bottles each have a serving size of 2mL.

What is the shelf life of Danodan products?

Danodan products have a two-year shelf life. Glycerin itself has a shelf life of 4-6 years, and we have seen no evidence of our products losing potency or “going bad” after long periods of time.

What are some health benefits of your product?

CBD is currently the focus of a tremendous amount of research in the scientific and medical communities. Currently, the evidence confirms the role of CBD in supporting our endocannabinoid system, which is a bodily system that sends signals to receptors all over our body – in our brain, spinal cord, heart, lungs, liver, and especially our immune system. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD may help support our body’s natural health and well-being, as well as regulating functions like memory, mood, stress, and sleep. 

While there isn’t yet a large amount of human-based peer-reviewed evidence to support major health claims, there is substantial proof that taking low to moderate doses of CBD – like those found in Danodan products – poses very little if no adverse health risks. We whole-heartedly believe that our product is beneficial and safe to use on a daily basis, and may help support many of our body’s natural systems and processes. 

Does your product help with stress and sleep?

Although the research is very limited at this time, there is preliminary evidence showing that CBD may help some individuals manage their stress.

Plant-based cannabinoids like those found in Danodan products have been shown to effectively interact with our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating bodily functions including stress, energy, and sleep.

Many studies have shown that CBD and other plant-based cannabinoids may hold tremendous therapeutic potential in helping with sleep, but further studies are needed before direct claims can be made.

Is there alcohol in Danodan products?

Our blue label products (6mg single-serve / 90mg 1oz / 360mg 4oz) as well as our pet formula are 100% alcohol-free. They contain only Oregon-grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin. 

Our yellow and red label products use the same base as our blue label products, and they also contain a full-spectrum hemp extract to increase their potency. This extract is made using high-purity food-grade alcohol and Oregon-grown hemp, and is thoroughly tested for purity and potency. 

Once this alcohol-based extract is added to our vegetable glycerin base to create our yellow and red label products, the resulting mixture is about 25% alcohol by volume.

Are your products non-intoxicating?

Yes, all of our products are completely non-intoxicating. While they do contain a trace amount of THC – the psychoactive compound naturally found in the cannabis plant – the final amount in Danodan products is less than 0.1%. This is far below the federally-allowed limit of 0.3%.

Is there THC in your products?

Our tinctures contain a very small trace amount of THC, far less than the 0.3% which is federally allowed for hemp-based CBD products like ours. This THC is naturally present in the hemp flower that we use to make our products. 

We believe that, by leaving in this small amount of natural THC, our product can better achieve the Whole Plant Effect. This effect is characterized by the natural presence of all plant compounds that work together to achieve maximum effect with minimum processing. We like to think of it as similar to eating a whole, natural food as opposed to taking an isolated vitamin.

Do you have any products without THC?

No. We take pride in the minimal amount of processing that our products go through. If we were to remove the natural THC from our product, that would require another rigorous processing step which we believe would result in an inferior product.

Danodan Production FAQs

How do you make your products?

Our production process is amazingly simple: we take whole Oregon-grown hemp flowers, grind them fresh in our production facility, and then infuse them into 100% organic vegetable glycerin. We then gently decarboxylate – a fancy word for “activate”- the infusion by heating it to a low temperature.

For our stronger products, we infuse them with a concentrated full-spectrum hemp extract, based in high purity alcohols.

Then we filter it for large particles, and bottle it. It’s that simple!

How can I find your Certificates of Analysis? (Test Results)

At Danodan, transparency is a central pillar of our business. We believe you have every right to know every detail of what goes into making the purest full-spectrum hemp flower extract on the market.

All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards of potency and purity. Examples of our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) can be found in our shop on any one of our product pages. There is also a QR code on each Danodan product that links directly to the COA for that specific batch.

If you’re having problems finding the QR code for your product, please send us a message through our Contact page, we’re happy to help!

How is Danodan different from CBD isolate products?

CBD isolate products are the exact opposite. They use aggresive extraction methods to strip-mine the CBD from the hemp plant, and then they concentrate them. Unfortunately, this process leaves out all of the other beneficial compounds. It’s like the difference between taking isolated vitamin C or eating a bunch of fresh oranges – it’s safe to say your body would get a lot more out of the oranges!

Have you tested the soil the hemp is grown in for heavy metals or other harmful things?

The hemp plant can be very effective in bioremediation, or the removal of contaminants from contaminated soil.  Therefore, all of our products are tested for the full spectrum of heavy metals, pathogens, and bacteria, to ensure that our products are free of such contaminants.

What kind of growing practices are used to grow your hemp? Do you use pesticides or other harsh chemicals?

All of our hemp is grown on small farms in southern Oregon. Most is grown using certified organic farming methods. A small amount of our hemp is grown on a sustainable, biodynamic, family-run farm which uses organic farming practices but is not certified organic. All of our products are tested for a wide array of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals, and our tests have always come back negative for all such contaminants.

Do you produce your extracts in glass, plastic, or metal containers?

All of the extraction processes used to make Danodan products use food-safe practices certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. These processes use both certified organic vegetable glycerin as well as high-purity alcohols to achieve maximum extraction with minimal processing and impact to the plant material. The majority of these extractions take place in stainless steel, while others occur in food-grade glass and food-grade plastic containers.