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Our Process

It all starts in the soil

Danodan’s process starts in the fields of southern Oregon. Here, our beautiful organic hemp flowers are grown. The perfect combination of clean water, fertile soil, and warm sun create the ideal growing conditions for our organic hemp. In the fields, tall stalks bud bright flowers with prismatic shades of green, purple, and blue. 

Once the organic hemp flowers are mature, they are harvested by hand and then dried. The farm has its flowers tested for purity and potency and shares those test results with us. Knowing the level of cannabinoids in our hemp flower is essential. The recipe for our products is so simple that the hemp flowers must have a certain percentage of cannabinoids to ensure that we achieve the correct potency.

Our Founder, Daniel Stoops, hides in a hemp field, searching for the perfect hemp for our production process
Danodan Founder Daniel Stoops selecting a beautiful organic hemp flower stalk. cbd for joint pain. cbda products. cbd tincture for sale. cbd oil full spectrum.

We choose to use multiple cultivars of organic hemp flowers to expand the diversity of cannabinoids we can extract. This makes our products both more effective and more delicious. Different strains of hemp contain different concentrations of various cannabinoids. So, by using multiple varieties, we increase the diversity of cannabinoids in our infusions. 

Once the hemp flowers are adequately dried, we transport them back to our facility in NE Portland. There they are stored as whole dried flowers until it’s time to make a batch of Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusion.

Let’s get cooking

Each batch of Danodan begins with the same process. We weigh out a specific amount of whole organic hemp flowers, grind them fresh, and begin the slow process of infusing them into organic vegetable glycerin. Our patented process takes custom-made equipment and lots of patience to achieve the desired results. 

After several weeks, the first stage of infusion is done. The flowers and liquid are removed from the barrel. Then, they are gently heated and agitated, which makes it easier to press and filter. Once they are nice and warm, we hand-press and filter every drop, making sure we get all the good stuff out.

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A lab technician takes samples at the Danodan facility during our production process

At this point, we contact our lab partner, who sends a representative to verify the product and collect a sample for testing.  We run a full battery of tests that extend far beyond potency.  These tests look for contaminants like yeast, mold, salmonella, e.coli, total coliforms, aerobic plate count, and heavy metals. In our testing, we go above and beyond the legal requirements to ensure that every batch meets our high standards for purity.

Once our test results come back, then we have what we call our ‘tincture base.’ This tincture base will go one of two ways. If it is a batch for our blue-label Gentle products (6mg Single-Serve, 6mg Gentle 1oz Tincture, or 6mg Gentle 4oz Pump), then it is ready to be packaged and sold. Otherwise, we move on to the next stage of our process, where we create one of our higher-potency products. 

How we achieve higher-potency products

To make our higher-potency Moderate or Enhanced products, we take our tincture base and blend in a precise amount of organic full-extract hemp oil. What is full-extract hemp oil? Let’s learn a little more about this important ingredient.

Full-extract hemp oil is a very strong hemp extract, with very high levels of cannabinoids. Although it is called an oil, in reality, it is a very strong extract; there are no oils used in the extraction process. The extract is produced in a controlled environment using food-grade organic cane alcohol and Oregon-grown organic hemp flowers. When we receive it there is very little alcohol left, as it is slowly removed through a refinement process.

Our full-extract hemp oil is made by a certified organic hemp processor here in Oregon. Once we pick up our batch of full-extract hemp oil, we have it tested to verify its potency and purity. This also helps us know how much to use in our formulations. Then we take the oil and combine it with a little organic cane alcohol. This helps it mix in more easily with our organic tincture base. Finally, we blend the two together to make our higher-potency products.

We test that product again to make sure we achieved our desired results. Once we’re satisfied, every drop of Danodan is bottled by hand in our facility, so we can ensure that our standards of quality are carried through to the very end.

USDA organic icon showing Danodan's full spectrum CBD oil comes from certified Oregon Hemp flower. cbd oil. cbd for anxiety. where to buy cbd oil.
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Our Certifications

We have achieved two certifications that demonstrate our commitment to quality, purity, and environmental stewardship. As of December 2020, our facility and all of our products made therein are certified USDA Organic and Gluten-Free!

USDA Certified Organic means that all of our ingredients are grown using certified organic methods. It also requires that we can verify the source and supply chain of all of our ingredients, from field to bottle, to ensure they meet organic standards. Our organic certifier – OneCert – worked with us throughout the process to help us achieve this exciting certification.

Gluten-Free Certification is important to ensure that our products are safe for those with sensitivities to gluten. Researchers estimate that up to 7% of the US population – over 20 million people – may have sensitivity or intolerance to gluten, and we want to  ensure that our products are safe for everyone. Our gluten-free certifications is from NSF.

While all of the products currently available in our shop may not reflect these certifications just yet, we are working diligently to update our packaging. Nevertheless, rest assured that our standards have always been above and beyond the rest of the industry.

The proof is in the product

From field to bottle, we at Danodan are dedicated to excellence at every step. What starts in the fertile fields of southern Oregon is slowly and methodically transformed into every bottle of Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusion. We cut no corners and make no assumptions in our process; instead, we take extra steps and test multiple times to make sure we’re doing it right. 

Our commitment to taste, quality, and trust dictates every step we take in crafting Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusion. The results are the purest, cleanest, and most delicious hemp infusions anywhere. Experience the Danodan Difference.

Danodan organic CBD being mixed into a cold beverage. Water soluble cbd for sale online USA. cbd full spectrum.