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Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Have CBD

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Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Have CBD? Great Question!

Does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD in it? The short answer is yes! However, it is important to know exactly what is in your full-spectrum hemp oil before you start taking it. 

There are many different terms that you will find on the labels and advertising of CBD products, so knowing what you’re looking at is crucial to finding what is best for you, and what is the most effective. What is full-spectrum hemp oil? What is full-spectrum hemp extract? How is that different from CBD isolate?

This article will focus on all this as we answer the question, does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD?

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Vs Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil: What’s The Difference &

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Hemp oil has become the default term for many CBD products, which makes it easier for consumers to understand the products they’re looking at. But you may see other terms like full-spectrum hemp extract or full-spectrum cannabinoid oil, which can be confusing. 

So what is full-spectrum hemp extract and does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD? While some products may label themselves as a hemp extract, this is more commonly an ingredient in full-spectrum hemp oil. That is because full-spectrum hemp extract is often a more concentrated product that is mixed into oil or another liquid to make it easier to take.

Also, some products may add a full-spectrum hemp extract to their products so they can have a higher potency. When used this way, the extracts can be labeled as full-spectrum hemp extract, full-extract hemp oil (FEHO), or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO for short).

And what is full-spectrum cannabinoid oil? Although a much less common term, full-spectrum cannabinoid oil is very likely the same as full-spectrum hemp oil or extract. Nevertheless, it is important to check the product’s label to see if it is actually derived from hemp.

At Danodan, we commonly refer to our tinctures as full-spectrum hemp oil, although they aren’t actually an oil. Instead, we use organic vegetable glycerin, which absorbs better than oil and can be easily mixed into any drink.

Our Gentle Hemp Flower Infusions contain only organic hemp flowers and organic vegetable glycerin.

For our higher potency products, we add full-extract hemp oil to our base. This FEHO is certified organic and produced about 90 minutes from our facility by Sungold Botanicals in beautiful Philomath, Oregon.

So What Is Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Exactly?

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To answer the question, does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD, we need to understand what full-spectrum is.

Full-spectrum hemp oil means that a hemp extract contains the complete array – or spectrum – of plant compounds found in hemp flowers. These compounds include cannabinoids, terpenes, and other common plant compounds. 

The first category of compounds are called cannabinoids. CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, and CBC are different cannabinoids that are normally found in hemp plants in varying quantities. Having all of these present in some level creates full-spectrum cannabinoids. In fact, there are over 500 different cannabinoids that have been identified!

Terpenes are another crucial part of a full-spectrum hemp extract. Terpenes are scent compounds that are present in all plants. Each plant has its own unique profile of terpenes that give that flower its characteristic smell. Lavender, rosemary, and hemp have different aromas because of their unique terpene profile. In fact, each different cultivar (a fancy term for variety) of hemp will have its own unique terpene profile!

Terpenes are different from cannabinoids in how they interact with your body. Because terpenes are scent compounds, they directly interact with your sensory receptors, even before you ingest your full-spectrum hemp oil. Cannabinoids, on the other hand, need to be absorbed into your body before they can take effect.

A truly full-spectrum hemp oil contains multiple cannabinoids and terpenes, preferably all from the same hemp flowers. However, this isn’t always the case.

Some full-spectrum hemp oils use individual ingredients from different sources to reconstruct the natural array of compounds. This would be like making orange juice with pulp from one source, vitamin C from another, and natural orange flavoring from still a third source. This is unnatural, kind of like a Frankenstein CBD oil.

At Danodan, we make our full-spectrum hemp oils from whole, organic hemp flowers. We store our hemp flowers under optimal conditions and grind them fresh for each batch. By doing this, we create a truly full-spectrum hemp extract that mirrors the hemp itself. See for yourself: you can find all of our test results on our Lab Results page

Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Have CBD In It?

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And now to the main topic of discussion; does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD?

If your CBD oil is labeled as full spectrum, then it should have CBD in it! Hemp flowers naturally contain CBD, so a full-spectrum hemp oil that is made from hemp flowers will also have CBD in it. 

Does full-spectrum hemp oil have THC as well? Yes, any full-spectrum hemp oil will also have THC, as THC is a natural part of the hemp plant. 

However, the level of THC is tightly regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for hemp oils that are sold in grocery stores and online. Any of these types of full-spectrum hemp oils must contain less than 0.3% THC by volume, which is very low and will not cause you to get ‘high’ like marijuana will. 

At Danodan, we test every batch of our organic full-spectrum hemp oil to make sure our products have the correct potency. On average, our products contain about 0.07% THC, or less than one-quarter of the acceptable limit. 

While this low level ensures our products are safe and non-intoxicating, that small amount of THC is still very important. 

In your body, CBD and THC interact in unique ways that help make full-spectrum hemp oil much more effective than CBD alone, even at lower doses. This is the important difference of full-spectrum hemp extract vs CBD isolate.

By containing all of the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant, and not just CBD alone, full-spectrum hemp oil contains a wider array of health-supporting benefits. 

So the next time someone asks you, does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD? the answer is yes!

What Is Full-Spectrum Hemp?

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Now that we’ve answered your question of does full-spectrum hemp oil have CBD, let’s look at full-spectrum hemp. What is it exactly?

Full-spectrum hemp refers to hemp that contains the naturally occurring array of cannabinoids and terpenes. Although the term may seem rather redundant, this isn’t necessarily the case.

When hemp and marijuana were outlawed in the early 20th century, cannabis growers began selectively breeding marijuana to contain higher levels of THC. This process often meant that the CBD would be effectively pushed out to make way for more THC, as the flowers have a limited ability to contain a certain amount of cannabinoids overall.

As a result, many varieties of marijuana today don’t contain any CBD, CBG, or other cannabinoids, and are therefore not truly full spectrum. 

So while hemp and marijuana are very closely related, their different trajectories have resulted in their similarities drifting apart.

Today, the CBD industry is going through a similar shift, although not as dramatically. Hemp that is grown for CBD oil is becoming more potent in CBD overall, but there still remains a wide array of additional cannabinoids. 

Additionally, some growers are focusing their fields on hemp that contains higher amounts of other cannabinoids, like CBG or CBN. As a result, we will likely see hemp oil in the coming years that contains higher levels of these cannabinoids instead. 

What Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Do For Me?

The cannabinoids and other compounds in full-spectrum hemp oil mostly interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Although researchers are still learning more about what your ECS does, they know it plays a very important role in your daily life. 

Your ECS is responsible for keeping many of your body’s functions in balance, or homeostasis. These include your digestion and metabolism, energy levels, sleep/wake cycles, stress response, mood, and more. That’s a lot of important functions you use every day!

Danodan full-spectrum hemp oils help alleviate stress, manage occasional pain, improve sleep quality, and boost natural energy. Also, our patented formulas help you stay focused, clear your mind of mental chatter, support your immune system so you stay healthy, and even help your pets live a happier life!

The wide array of cannabinoids in full-spectrum hemp oil support your ECS so it can function best. While researchers are still discovering exactly how this works, it is broadly recognized that a full-spectrum hemp oil works better than taking CBD alone. This phenomenon is known as the Entourage Effect.

CBD isolate products often boast incredibly high levels of CBD, but in this case, more is not better. CBD isolates are created using harsh industrial processes that strip CBD out of hemp and create a white, odorless, tasteless powder that can be mixed in very high concentrations. Unfortunately, these products do not contain any additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or other health-supporting compounds that give whole-body benefits and the Entourage Effect.

Use Danodan Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil For True Whole Plant Benefits

Danodan Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. buy organic cbd flower. buy organic cbd oil. full spectrum cbd.

Full-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD and many other cannabinoids that work together to support your daily wellbeing. The best full-spectrum hemp oils come from organic hemp flowers that are gently and effectively extracted. 

By using organic vegetable glycerin for our full-spectrum hemp oil, Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions contain the maximum array of hemp compounds in a delicious formula that absorbs quickly. We hear from our customers that they feel true relief from our products and enjoy the natural flavor that reflects the hemp itself. 

Try Danodan for yourself and Experience the Danodan Difference!