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Welcome to Danodan Rewards


Danodan Rewards is our way of saying THANK YOU for your support of Danodan! You automatically earn points on every purchase which you can redeem for discounts down the road. You can also earn points for other activities like leaving a product review, trying a Functional Organic CBD product, and referring a friend!

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to Your Account
  • Step 2: Earn points for different activities (see below)
  • Step 3: Use those points for a discount on your next purchase!

How do I earn Danodan Rewards points?

  • Spend money – 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Place your 1st Rewards order – 50 points
  • Leave a Product Review – 50 points
  • Try a Functional Product – 50 points per order for your first 2 orders of a new Functional Product!
  • Refer a Friend – 100 points
  • Birthday Bonus – 100 points!

How much are Danodan Rewards points worth?

Danodan Rewards points are worth $0.10 each. (50pts = $5, 100pts =$10, etc.)

Apply your points to get up to 30% off your next order! (Total discounts per order are limited to 30% off Cart Subtotal)

How do I redeem my Rewards points?

Log in to your account. Then, once you’ve chosen your favorite Danodan products and are ready to check out, head to your Cart.

On the Cart page, you will see the Danodan Rewards discount display. There, you will see your current Rewards points balance. You can choose how many points you would like to apply to your purchase. Choose a custom amount, or simply click Use Max Amount to apply as many points as possible, saving you up to 30% off your Cart subtotal!

How do I earn points for Leaving a Product Review?

Log in to your account. Then, simply visit the product page of any Danodan Hemp Flower Infusions that you’ve purchased in the past. Scroll down to the Reviews area to leave a product review.

You must provide a rating and enter some text in your review in order to submit it. Once you submit your product review, it needs to be approved. Please avoid using words like ‘anxiety,’ ‘pain,’ and anything else that relates to disease, since we can’t use those terms on our website. Once your review is approved, you’ll receive 50 Rewards points. You do not need to leave us a positive review to be approved, but we sincerely hope you will.

Have a not-so-great experience you’d like to share with us? We would love to make it right. Email your concerns and feedback to

How do I earn points for Referring a Friend?

Visit your My Account page, and click the Danodan Rewards tab. There you will find a simple tool that helps you send referral emails to friends and family that may benefit from trying Danodan.

You will also find your own personal Referral Link that you can share, if you prefer to create your own email to send to your personal contacts. Be sure to include your own story of how Danodan has helped improve your quality of life and overall wellbeing!

When you send referral emails, the recipients will also receive a promo code for 15% off their first order!

Once your friends click your Referral Link (via the premade or your own personal email) and complete a purchase, you’ll earn 100 Danodan Rewards Points. It’s that simple!

How do I earn points for my birthday?

Simply enter your birthday on your My Account page in the Account Details tab. Then we’ll send you 100 birthday points one week before your birthday, so you have enough time to place an order and be ready to celebrate.

We think everyone deserves a little something special for their birthday. So, we’ll give you 100 birthday points every year, just as a little present from Danodan!

Where can I check my points balance?

Your points balance is located on your My Account page under the Danodan Rewards tab. There you will also find your rewards history, as well as tools to help Refer a Friend and enter your birthday to receive 100 Birthday Bonus points.

I have a subscription – do I still earn Rewards points?

Of course you do! Danodan Subscribers are also eligible to earn Danodan Rewards points. You will automatically receive points for all of your orders, including subscriptions.

However, Danodan Rewards points cannot be redeemed for a discount towards Subscription renewal orders. Because these orders are automatically generated, it is not possible to apply rewards points. Instead, we encourage you to use your points to try new Danodan products or purchase products for friends and family!

Do I earn Danodan Rewards points with Sezzle?

Yes! Sezzle is a great option for those wishing to buy their Danodan and pay over time. When you have a Sezzle account, you can purchase a product in our Shop, receive it immediately, and pay for it over the course of 4 interest-free payments. Also, you will receive all of your corresponding Danodan Rewards points at the moment your order is received on our website and fulfilled.

Other Important Information about Danodan Rewards

Danodan Rewards points cannot be combined with other offers. Rewards points can be used to create a discount of up to 30% off the regular product price. Unused Rewards points will expire after 6 months.

Have questions about the Danodan Rewards program? Email

Sign up for an account here. Already have an account? Make sure you are signed in and start earning points now!