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Meet Our Team

Krista Skucas, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing

Krista was born in Portland, OR, grew up in a small town (in Washington), and has lived in the Pacific Northwest her entire life. Camping, hiking, exploring, and adventuring began at an early age with her parents and older brother.

Krista attended community college and university in the area and then began her career in Natural Foods at Whole Foods Market in 2008. Eager to learn and grow, Krista held many different roles as she progressed to become a part of the Leadership Team for eight years. Krista also led the Green Mission Team for the Portland-Metro Area, spearheading many initiatives for best sustainable practices within the stores. Her passion to help grow small companies who were full of heart is what brought Krista to Danodan in September of 2019.

Close to home Krista enjoys gardening in her backyard, a trail run in Forest Park, or a bike ride along the river. Around the PNW Krista gets out for backpacking, hiking, and camping. As a craft food and beverage nerd, each trip most definitely must end with a brewery or unique cafe stop. And around North America, you can find Krista racing cars as a co-driver in the motorsport of Rally. In these adventures, she is joined by her partner, Sam, and their two dogs, Dakota and Willow.

Steve Sands, Operations Manager

Steve was raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Steve’s early memories include his Italian great-grandmother’s kitchen and his father’s vegetable garden. In high school, he competed in pastry skills and cake decorating competitions. Steve is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI with a B.S. in Baking and Pastry. After school, Steve moved to Portland, OR, where he was on the opening team or consulted for many Portland-area bakeries from 2006-2016.

Steve is a cannabis and hemp advocate with 12 years of experience growing cannabis both professionally and recreationally. In 2016, when Oregon legalized cannabis, he jumped into the legal cannabis world full-time. Steve began working with founder Daniel Stoops on an early iteration of Danodan around this time.

Steve lives with his wife Kristen, in a 28-foot self-built tiny house on a multigenerational farm on the Clackamas River. In his spare time, Steve enjoys sustainable living, organic gardening, painting, and animal husbandry. Steve is an avid hiker and backpacker and has completed multiple ultramarathons in Oregon and Washington.

Andrew Harmon, Education Specialist

Andrew was born in Portland and raised in Gresham, Oregon; he even went to the same school that his parents had nearly 30 years earlier. He lived a ridiculously idyllic (and privileged) childhood, in a cute suburban neighborhood surrounded by lots of other kids and families. At an early age, Andrew showed a passion for both food and music that continue until this day.

After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Oregon, where he majored in Environmental Sociology and Spanish, two areas that really expanded Andrew’s worldview and brought forth issues of inequality, climate change, environmental exploitation, and justice. He then returned to Portland where he volunteered in the local food education movement and then received his Masters in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine.

Andrew is dedicated to education, of both his community and, just as importantly, himself. He focuses on issues of food as medicine, sustainability, social justice, and food security, which (in his eyes) are all topics that are intricately linked and must be resolved together. He also loves playing drums, listening to new and old music, cooking, exploring the amazing PNW, and spending time with his family – partner Meredith, son Theo, and dog Gus. Some day he hopes to give a TED Talk, though he hasn’t decided what the subject will be yet.