Find Your Danodan Lab Results

Lab technician fills out paperwork for his test sample.

Here is our database of Lab Results, or Certificates of Analysis (COA).

Through our commitment to quality and transparency, we want to ensure that everyone has access to the lab results for Danodan products. All of our product testing is performed by independent third-party labs. Want a little help deciphering the information on your COA? Check out our How To Read Our COA tutorial.

All of our Lab Results are organized by the product line – Gentle, Moderate, Enhanced, and Functional. We’ve included product images and names to help you find the area that corresponds to your product. Your individual product should also have a QR code on it that can be scanned with your smart phone’s camera. Click here to learn more about accessing your COA via the QR code on your product.

Danodan Gentle CBD Line - 4oz Gentle, 1oz Gentle, 360mg, 90mg, 6mg Single-Serves, 4oz Pet, 1oz Pet
Batch NameExp. DateLightscale LabAdd'l LabAdd'l Lab
TB-158/2021Click HereClick HereClick Here
TB-168/2021Click Here
TB-179/2021Click Here
TB-189/2021Click Here
TB-1910/2021Click HereClick Here
TB-2010/2021Click Here
TB-2110/2021Click HereClick Here
TB-2410/2021Click HereClick Here
TB-3203/2022Click HereClick Here
TB-3407/2023Click HereClick Here
TB-3607/2023Click HereClick Here
Danodan 20mg CBD Moderate Products - 4oz Moderate, 1oz Moderate, 1200mg, 300mg, 20mg Single-Serves
Batch NameExp. DateLightscale LabAdd'l LabAdd'l Lab
Shot-10-078/2021Click HereClick Here
Shot-10-088/2021Click HereClick HereClick Here
Shot-10-0911/2021Click HereClick HereClick Here
Shot-10-1003/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-10-1110/2023Click HereClick Here
Danodan Enhanced 30mg CBD Products - 4oz Enhanced, 1oz Enhanced, 1800mg, 450mg, 30mg Single-Serves
Batch NameExp. DateLightscale LabAdd'l LabAdd'l Lab
Shot-15-108/2021Click HereClick HereClick Here
Shot-15-1110/2021Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-1211/2021Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-133/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-143/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-153/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-163/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-1703/2022Click HereClick Here
Shot-15-1806/2023Click HereClick Here
Danodan Functional Organic CBD Products - Health, Calm, Energy, Active, and Sleep
Batch NameExp. DateFinal PotencyBase Tincture PurityFEHO PurityMetals/Micro/Gluten
Health-0103/2022Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
Calm-0103/2022Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
Energy-0103/2022Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
Active-0103/2022Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
Sleep-0103/2022Click HereClick HereClick HereClick Here
Calm-0207/2023Click HereClick Here
Sleep-0207/2023Click HereClick Here