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How to Use Your Danodan QR Code

By July 30, 2020 August 12th, 2020 No Comments
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A bottle of Danodan and a Danodan box showing a QR code

If you look on your Danodan product – whether a 30ct box of single-serves, a 1oz tincture, or a 4oz pump bottle – you will find a sticker with a jumble of black-and-white pixels. This is your product’s QR code, and it links directly to the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for your product. Here we’ll talk about how to use your Danodan QR code to access your product’s COA.

At Danodan, we strongly believe in transparency in all that we do. That is why we have all of our Lab Results on our website, and why we devote energy to ensuring that access to your product’s COA is simple. Knowledge is power, and we strive to empower everyone on their journey to well-being!

What is a QR Code?

Example QR code

An example QR code

Quick Reference (QR) codes are becoming very common. They can serve a wide variety of purposes and are easy to use. It’s no wonder that we’re seeing this user-friendly technology more and more.

A QR code has a function that is very similar to a barcode. In essence, it is meant to be scanned and it links to information.

However, a QR code is read by the camera on your smartphone. Then, it uses the internet to open linked information, like a website, document, or image.

These days, QR codes are popular because they allow people to access a resource by using their phone. For example, people may scan a QR code at a restaurant to look at the menu. This is seen as very hygienic and easy, as customers don’t have to pick up shared materials (like a menu), which may later need to be cleaned.

At Danodan, we love using QR codes because it allows anyone to see the COA for any of our products. We put a QR code on each package, and simply scanning it will link you directly to that product’s COA, so you can see our verified lab results anytime!

How can I scan my Danodan QR code?Someone scans the QR code on the bottom of their Danodan box

If you have an iPhone that is running iOS 11 or later, or an Android that is running OS 8/Oreo and above, then your phone can scan a QR code by using the camera. Here’s how:

  • Open up your Camera app and aim it at the QR code. Make sure that the entire code fits within the screen and all four corners are clearly visible.
  • Your phone will automatically recognize the code, scan it, and a notification will pop up that connects you to the linked content.
  • Click on that link to be connected. It’s that simple!

If your phone does not have the built-in capability to scan a QR code, you can easily download a QR code scanning app. There are many high-quality, safe, and free apps available. Here is a great article from Digital Trends that rates some of the best free QR code scanning apps.

We’ve got your back

At Danodan, we will always get our QR codes from reputable sources and do everything to ensure your online safety and security.

However, that’s not always the case out in the digital world. Here’s an informative article about taking the right steps to ensure your safety and security when scanning QR codes. The authors share some great pointers on what to look for when scanning a QR code. They also discuss simple security steps that can help protect you, your phone, and your information.

So now that you know how to scan your Danodan QR code, we hope you’ll use this technology to access your product’s COA. Show your friends and family how our commitment to transparency and education helps empower your journey to well-being!