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Danodan Functional Organic CBD Tinctures are designed for targeted support every day. Made with Oregon-grown organic hemp, organic vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum hemp oil, and organic botanical extracts. Our patented process delivers real, effective results.

Certified USDA Organic by One Cert, and certified Non-GMO and Gluten-Free by NSF.

Each functional tincture contains our highest potency hemp flower infusion. With 30mg organic full-spectrum hemp cannabinoids per serving, including organic CBD, as well as many other beneficial plant compounds.

Additionally, our Functional Hemp Tinctures come in five different formulas: Health, Calm, Energy, Active, and Sleep. Each function is designed to support a specific facet of your daily life.

Health provides every day or occasional support of a healthy immune system, helping you achieve optimal health. Made with black elderberry, astragalus, and reishi mushroom.

Calm helps relief occasional stress and tension, when you need it most. Made with ashwagandha, rhodiola, and reishi mushroom.

Energy supports focus, cognitive function, energy production, endurance, and memory. Made with Asian ginseng, schisandra berry, and ginger.

Active provides support from temporary inflammation and discomfort from an active lifestyle. Also, Active may provide relief from the occasional headache after a stressful day. Made with turmeric, boswellia, and willow bark.

Sleep supports your circadian rhythm and healthy sleep-wake cycles, for beneficial rest. Made with valerian root, passionflower, and hops.

All Functional Hemp Tinctures are full-spectrum and water-soluble. That’s why our products go beyond CBD and can mix easily into your favorite drink.

Also, every batch of Danodan is tested to the highest standards, and all of our test are available on our Lab Results page.

Whatever life may throw your way, use Danodan Functional Hemp Tinctures to support whole-body wellness and everyday health.