Why Organic CBD is Better

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Learn why organic CBD is better at Danodan Hempworks

Team Danodan has been working for over a year to transition our products to organic. We have spent countless hours examining every aspect of our business, supply chain, and production process. So let’s talk about why organic CBD is better, and how everything we’ve done is certainly worth the effort!

Better for the Environment

For Danodan, quality starts in the fertile soils of southern Oregon. While there are many great farmers, we are fortunate to partner with 10/10 Farms for our beautiful organic hemp flowers.

Organic farming also takes care of the land. It protects our rivers and streams from polluting runoff. It also uses regenerative practices to ensure we can keep growing our hemp for generations to come.

Better for our Products

Our patented production process demands the best hemp. Using organic hemp guarantees the purest, cleanest hemp for our organic CBD infusions. Organic hemp is grown from seed without any genetic engineering or unnatural processes. When we source organic hemp, we know it is grown in clean soil without pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals.

We will always test all of our products at every stage of production. When we start with Oregon-grown organic hemp, we know that we are guaranteed to make the purest organic CBD infusions around.

Better and Easier to Use

Achieving organic certification isn’t the only change that we’re excited about. Check out these subtle but important improvements on your Danodan products:

  • Mg CBD per Serving on the front label: We have traded our old naming convention (1800, 1200, etc) for a clear illustration of the serving potency right on the front label
  • Gentle, Moderate, and Enhanced: Notice the new keywords on the front label that correspond to the color – Blue = Gentle, Yellow = Moderate, Red = Enhanced. These terms help to indicate how each product’s use and dosage can benefit your wellbeing.
  • No more ‘SHAKE WELL’ instructions: We have added a small amount of organic sunflower lecithin to our Moderate and Enhanced products. Lecithin helps avoid separation and removes the need to agitate before each use. Now just give it a gentle swirl and enjoy!

Learn why organic CBD is better at Danodan Hempworks

Organic CBD is Better for You and Yours

When you buy our Organic Hemp Flower CBD Infusions, you are doing more than making a choice for your own health; you are supporting multiple small businesses that do the right thing. You are supporting environmental responsibility, the power of nature, and your own community. 

Also, as you may have noticed, we have made this switch to organic and yet all of our products still cost the same amount. We didn’t want to charge you extra just because we are now certified organic – organic products should be just as accessible as conventional ones!

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you why organic CBD is better. When you taste and feel the effects of our Organic CBD Infusions, you’ll know for yourself that organic CBD is the only way to go.