Our Process

It all starts in the soil

Danodan’s process starts in the fields of southern Oregon, where our beautiful organic hemp flowers are grown on two different farms. The perfect combination of clean Oregon water, fertile soil, and warm summer sun create the ideal growing conditions for our therapeutic hemp, as tall stalks bud bright flowers with prismatic shades of green, purple, and blue. 

Once the flowers are mature, they are harvested by hand and then dried. The farm has its flower tested for purity and potency and shares those test results with us. Knowing the level of cannabinoids in our hemp flower is essential, as the recipe for our products is so simple that the hemp flowers must have a certain percentage of cannabinoids to ensure that we achieve the correct potency on our labels.

colorful hemp flowers, full of deep purples and greens, drying

We choose to source our hemp from multiple Oregon farms to expand the variety of compounds and flavors that make our products both effective and delicious. Different strains of hemp contain different concentrations of various cannabinoids, so by using multiple varieties, we increase the diversity of cannabinoids in our infusions. 

Once we have verified the purity and potency of the flowers and they are adequately dried, we transport them back to our facility in NE Portland, where they are stored whole under optimal conditions until it’s time to make a batch of product.

Let’s get cooking

Each batch of Danodan begins with the same process: we weigh out a specific amount of whole hemp flowers, grind them fresh, and begin the slow process of infusing them into a barrel of organic vegetable glycerin. Compared to other mediums, glycerin is a relatively weak solvent, so our patented process takes custom-made equipment and lots of patience to achieve the desired potency. 

After several weeks, the first stage of infusion is done. The flowers and liquid are removed from the barrel, then gently heated and agitated for several hours, which makes it easier to press and filter. Once they are nice and warm, we hand-press and filter every drop, making sure we get as much as possible from the flowers.

A churning container of hemp flower CBD shot
A lab technician takes samples at the Danodan processing facility

At this point, we contact our lab partner, who sends a representative to verify the product and collect a sample for testing.  We run a full battery of tests that extend far beyond potency.  These supplemental tests look for contaminants like yeast, mold, salmonella, e.coli, total coliforms, aerobic plate count, and heavy metals. In our testing, we go above and beyond the legal requirements to ensure that every batch meets our high standards for purity.

Once our test results come back, then this tincture base will go one of two ways. If it is a batch for our blue-label products (6mg Single-Serve, 90mg 1oz tincture, or 360mg 4oz pump), then it is ready to be packaged and sold.

How we achieve higher-potency products

If we are making one of our higher-potency products (those with a yellow or red label), then we take our tincture base and blend in a precise amount of organic full-extract hemp oil. What is full-extract hemp oil? Let’s learn a little more about this important ingredient.

Our full-extract hemp oil is made by a certified organic hemp processor. The oil is produced using only food-grade organic cane alcohol and Oregon-grown organic hemp flowers. Although it is called an oil, in reality, it is a very strong tincture, because it is made with alcohol. Once we receive the hemp oil, we have it tested, to verify its potency and purity and so we know how much to use in our formulations.

When it comes time to make the higher-potency products, we blend our tincture base with a precise amount of the full-extract hemp oil to create our higher potency products. 

Of course, once the blending is complete, we test that product again to make sure we achieved our desired results! Finally, every drop of Danodan is bottled by hand in our facility, so we can ensure that our standards of quality are carried through to the very end.

The proof is in the product

From field to bottle, we at Danodan are dedicated to excellence at every step. What starts in the fertile fields of southern Oregon is slowly and methodically transformed into every bottle of Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion. We cut no corners and make no assumptions in our process; instead, we take extra steps to make sure we’re doing it right. 

Our commitment to taste, quality, and trust informs every step we take in crafting Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion. The results are the purest, cleanest, and most delicious hemp infusions anywhere. Experience the Danodan Difference.

A Danodan employee labels a 4oz bottle of hemp flower CBD