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Founder’s Corner: A Truly Natural CBD

By April 8, 2022 No Comments
Founder's CornerGlycerine ExtractHemp Plant
Daniel Stoops smells organic hemp used to make our natural CBD

Danodan Hemp Flower Infusions are arguably the most natural CBD available today. We get the most natural flavor, widest variety of hemp compounds, and a true whole plant effect that often leaves customers in awe. As the founder of Danodan, it is my goal to respect the integrity of hemp and create a truly natural CBD product.

Surprised by Natural CBD

The one thing I hear from our customers as well as from folks taking a look at our products is how different they are from any other CBD oil.

Some say, “It’s not like any other hemp or CBD product I’ve ever seen or used before.” Others will remark, “I’ve tried a lot of different hemp products with CBD, and none of them work as well as your stuff.” And many have said, “The color is so dark…darker than anything else I’ve seen. I was worried it wouldn’t taste good, but it’s really delicious.”

As the founder, it’s great to hear these things and I love the questions that often follow. How did I come up with Danodan? How did I make it the first time? Do I have a science degree? What makes it work so well? Why does it taste like that? Why is it so dark? Etc. Etc.

It’s true that our Hemp Flower Infusions are truly unique and effective. And it strikes that the answers to these common questions are a great way to help more prospective customers  understand why Danodan is such a natural CBD oil.

Q: How did I come up with Danodan? How did I make it the first time?

A: I began making medical cannabis edibles in 2011. I worked with butter and plant-based oils, alcohol/ethanol, and also glycerin. 

Glycerin immediately struck me as a unique way to make a natural CBD extract, something I hadn’t seen before. I certainly didn’t invent botanical infusion with glycerin, but I spent 6 or 7 years in my basement kitchen/lab making dozens of test batches. The very first batch was a simple mason jar of cannabis and glycerin. It took about 100 days to finish. I absolutely loved the flavor and effect the very first time I tried it. It was also water soluble so I put it in a drink and that’s when the light really went on for me. 

Q: Do I have a science degree?

A: No, I do not have a science degree or science background. I have always said this product is more art than science. Ultimately, I am a devoted tinkerer. I simply love the infusion of cannabis into glycerine. I just kept pushing, and that meant lots of trial and error in the early stages.

Q: What makes your natural CBD work so well? 

A: I wanted to make real whole plant medicine. The goal has always been deeply rooted in the principles of natural foods; intentionally using minimal processing methods to make hemp products that are rich in nutrients way beyond CBD. As much as possible, I wanted to preserve the natural chemical make-up of the hemp plants’ compounds and constituents. This is why it works so well. Nature really does know best.

Q: How do you explain Danodan’s flavor? Why is it so dark?

A: Fresh glycerin is sweet, about 60-75% as sweet as sugar. And hemp, like most botanicals, has bitter, earthy, herbal flavor notes. The combination from our infusion process ends up being quite nice for the vast majority of folks and creates a very balanced flavor. 

The color of Danodan comes from our classic infusion process. Our hemp soaks in glycerin for days, so it transfers compounds like chlorophyll and plant sugars into the glycerin. Then our final production step utilizes gentle heat which mildly caramelizes some components to produce a very dark brown shade.  

Truly Natural CBD

Through my persistent tinkering and experimentation, Danodan is now what I believe to be a truly natural CBD product. Even more, Danodan goes beyond CBD and showcases how our whole-plant approach harnesses the true power of hemp for real, effective results. This is nature at its best.

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