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What makes the most effective CBD?

By April 21, 2022 No Comments
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So you’ve tried a number of different hemp CBD tinctures and they didn’t work for you? You’re not alone. People are constantly looking for the most effective CBD, but more often they are underwhelmed. Unfortunately it’s a common experience.

In this week’s column I take a look at what’s causing all this disappointment, and why Danodan is different from all other CBD tinctures. Why are so many CBD products ineffective for many people? What makes Danodan the most effective CBD?

Reason #1: Hemp is more than just CBD. Much more.What is the most effective CBD? Learn about the important differences that lead to real results.

Hemp aka cannabis is a wonderfully rich and complex botanical. Here at Danodan, we view hemp as a superfood with over 500 unique compounds (and counting). Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of them.

Yes, CBD has benefits, but for it to be most effective, it should come with many of hemp’s other compounds as well. We understand an orange is more than Vitamin C. We understand a carrot is more than beta carotene. And we should understand that hemp is more than just CBD.

So how do you know if a product has more than just CBD? Look at the ingredients. Danodan uses whole organic hemp flowers in all of our formulas, and it’s right there on the label.

Reason #2: CBD all by itself is often ineffective. The most effective CBD is full spectrum.

CBD all by itself often produces disappointing results. At Danodan, we’re big believers in the Entourage Effect; that all of hemp’s compounds including CBD work in concert with each other to produce the best effects. It’s the sum of all the parts that leads to the best effects.

Many products contain only CBD, which is known as CBD isolate, or what we call No Spectrum. All of the other active hemp compounds and constituents are missing, intentionally stripped away in the process of isolating the CBD. Full spectrum matters. It’s what makes the most effective CBD, and products without it often underperform.

Reason #3: Other CBD companies push the idea that CBD is all you need

There are hundreds of “CBD companies” with tons of CBD isolate powder. 99.9% pure CBD, a tasteless, odorless powder. No beautiful hemp flowers, no natural aroma.

CBD isolate is inexpensive to produce and inexpensive to buy as an ingredient. And surplus inventories of isolate abound. So we’re seeing the push of 3000mg, 5,000mg, and even 9000mg of CBD in a 1oz bottle. And at low prices.

Unfortunately, all of these brands are making the same sub-par product, so price is the only place to compete. And they gear their marketing efforts to convince customers that CBD potency is what matters.

The other day, I found a piece of “Sponsored Content” with the woeful subtitle, “From a consumer’s perspective, potency is one of the essential aspects to consider when buying CBD oil.” From “a consumer’s perspective”? Not so much. But from “a producer’s perspective’’? Essential indeed.

Reason #4: A little THC goes a long way in making the most effective CBDA whole organic hemp flower, like what we use to make the most effective CBD

The legal limit for THC in hemp products is 0.3% by weight. Our highest potency product tests at around 0.05% THC, far below the limit. But that small “trace” amount of THC matters in our goal to make the most effective CBD. We understand why some products are THC-free; drug testing is an unfortunate reality. But the absence of THC often results in products with much lower effectiveness.

Reason #5: Some people just don’t feel the effects of hemp, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working

CBD isn’t a miracle drug that will work for everyone. I say this about Danodan’s own full spectrum, true whole plant products as well. Our metabolism, biochemistry, and genetics are all unique. What works for some folks, may not work for others.

Hemp is a natural plant medicine that has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. So while some may not feel a dramatic result, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the most effective CBD products just help you feel well.

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