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Full-Spectrum CBD Guide & The Power Of The Entourage Effect

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What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

What is full-spectrum CBD? People shopping for a CBD oil, gummy, or drink may see terms like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and more. 

Full-spectrum CBD is only achieved when a product uses the entire flower of the hemp plant in its recipe. 

Hemp flowers contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, and these cannabinoids must be gently extracted to make them usable in our bodies. 

Here is a helpful guide to learn about full-spectrum CBD, what it does, how it is used, and some of its potential benefits.Woman relaxing in bed learning about full-spectrum CBD on her tablet. buy organic cbd. hemp oil & the benefits hemp oil for men & women. cbd organic.

What Does Full-spectrum CBD Mean?

In reality, full-spectrum CBD is a contradictory term. CBD – short for cannabidiol – is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, especially in hemp flowers. 

Full-spectrum, on the other hand, refers to an extract like an oil or tincture that contains the complete array of cannabinoids that are found in hemp. 

Other cannabinoids might include CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), and more.  In fact, researchers have identified over 100 different cannabinoids in the hemp plant!

However, there is no legally defined term for a full-spectrum hemp extract, and most labs that test hemp extracts only measure a few of the most common cannabinoids. 

So one good way to make sure you are buying a full spectrum oil is to look at the ingredients: if you see hemp flower listed, then that is a good sign that you are getting the complete spectrum, CBD and more!

On the other hand, if you only see individual cannabinoids or words like ‘isolate’ or ‘powder,’ then chances are it is not a full-spectrum CBD oil.

Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions are truly full-spectrum. Every drop contains more than just CBD – full-spectrum hemp extract products that showcase the true, natural spectrum of Oregon organic hemp flowers.Water soluble CBD oil from Oregon organic hemp next to a tea cup. buy cbd. hemp oil. cbd oil for pain. organic hemp. cbd tinctures. cbd buy.

Does Full-spectrum CBD Have THC In It?

Yes, full-spectrum CBD will have naturally occurring THC in it. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound that can cause the user to feel ‘high’, but only when it is in larger amounts. 

In the US, the federal government requires that CBD products sold in grocery and vitamin stores contain less than 0.3% THC by weight. At Danodan, we test every batch of our hemp CBD products to ensure that they meet this requirement.

So does full spectrum CBD get you high? While each person will respond differently to full-spectrum CBD extracts, the legal level of THC in CBD extracts means that it is very unlikely that you will feel high from a regular serving. 

Factors like your body weight, metabolism, and digestion will influence how you respond to CBD. That is why we always recommend that you start with a low dose when trying CBD for the first time, and ask your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions. Full spectrum CBD oil bottle and pipette. cbd tincture. where to buy cbd oil. full spectrum cbd oil. hemp oil vs cbd.

What is Full-spectrum Hemp?

Full-spectrum hemp is hemp flower that has a naturally occurring variety of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBG, and more. 

Hemp and cannabis plants have been continually bred to favor higher levels of some cannabinoids over others. Marijuana and hemp are essentially the same plant, just with different levels of cannabinoids. 

Marijuana will be naturally higher in THC, whereas hemp will have higher levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. 

Hemp cannabinoids are most highly concentrated in the hemp flowers. For this reason, hemp that is grown to make full-spectrum CBD oil are often shorter, bushier plants with large flowers or buds, and appears very similar to cannabis or marijuana plants. These plants can also be called therapeutic hemp.

Of course, there are many different varieties of hemp. For example, hemp that is grown for use in textiles and fibers is much taller and stockier. This type of hemp is often referred to as industrial hemp. 

Hemp has been an important plant throughout the course of human history. From ancient medicinal uses to weaving sturdy fabrics for sails on the high sea, hemp has been used in countless ways around the world. Close up of Oregon hemp flower. Organic CBD water soluble full spectrum CBD oil. buy cbd oil & cbd for inflammation. where can i buy cbd oil.

What is Full-spectrum Hemp Oil? What is Full-spectrum CBD Oil? How Are The Two Different? 

Generally speaking, full-spectrum hemp oil and full-spectrum CBD oil are likely the same things. However, it is always important to read the product’s label and do your own research so you can be sure you are buying a quality product. 

Because CBD and hemp products are so new to many people, companies often choose to label their products as CBD when they actually contain full-spectrum hemp compounds. 

In this sense, they use full-spectrum CBD meaning that their products are a full-spectrum hemp extract that contains CBD in addition to other hemp compounds. 

Consumers are also more likely to understand what a product is when it is labeled as CBD as opposed to hemp. 

However, we hope that, as the market for these products matures, consumers will become more educated and aware that the true potential of hemp is about more than just CBD. CBD products and a cannabis leaf. organic cbd. pure organic hemp extract cbd oil. cbd vs cbda.

Does Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Have CBD?

True full-spectrum hemp oil will have CBD and many other cannabinoids in it. However, some products may label themselves as full-spectrum hemp oil while they in reality are made with a combination of isolated compounds. 

To ensure that you choose a high-quality full spectrum hemp oil, the first step is to check the ingredients on the product label. 

Products that use whole hemp flowers or full-spectrum hemp oil are your best bet for being truly full-spectrum. 

Another important thing to remember when shopping for full-spectrum CBD is to verify a product’s test results, or Certificate of Analysis (COA). 

A good COA will show you all of the levels of various cannabinoids for your particular product, and ideally the specific batch that your product came from. 

If you can’t find a COA for your product, contact the company directly to ensure they are doing proper testing.

At Danodan, we make every COA available to you, to ensure that our products meet your high standards. Find all of our COAs on our Lab Results page.Hemp leaf and CBD concept photo. Where to buy full spectrum cbd oil? cbd hemp oil. cbd tinctures. cbd buy.

What is Full-spectrum CBD Good For

Studies show that full-spectrum CBD may be good for a variety of health reasons. That is because full-spectrum CBD benefits a variety of systems in our body, from digestion to immune function and mental health. 

CBD and other compounds interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which moderates and balances vital functions across many of our bodily systems. Here are just a few of the many functions that involve your ECS:

  • Sleep
  • Stress response
  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Memory
  • Fertility and reproductive health
  • Immune system
  • Inflammation and pain

For some people, our ECS can be under- or over-functioning. Scientists believe this can lead to different unhealthy situations such as increased stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, poor immune system function, neurotransmitter imbalances, and more.

Scientists are still learning about how full-spectrum CBD interacts with our ECS. Leading theories say that it helps support regular ECS function, keeping things working in their normal range. Learn more in this article: What is the Endocannabinoid System?Happy and relaxed woman woman chilling on her sofa at home after using organic CBD from Danodan Hempworks Oregon hemp flower.

What Does Full-spectrum CBD Do? Why is Full-spectrum CBD Better Than CBD Isolate?

So why is full-spectrum CBD better? Since full-spectrum CBD contains all compounds from the hemp plant, scientists believe that its effectiveness is increased through what is called the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is achieved when all compounds, including CBD and THC, are present in hemp CBD products. 

Scientists believe that the entourage effect may help amplify the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD oil

The entourage effect is only possible with full-spectrum CBD. The synergistic effects that are achieved when all of the compounds are present results in benefits that likely far outweigh those from CBD alone.

Every Danodan product is truly full-spectrum. We use only whole organic hemp flowers and full-spectrum hemp oil in our formulas. 

For this reason, all of our products contain more than just CBD, including many more cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

Infogrraphic showing the difference between full spectrum cbd and broad spectrum cbd. full spectrum cbd. cbd water solubility. cbda vs cbd. buy full spectrum cbd oilSo What is full-spectrum CBD? Answer: The Most Effective CBD

As we answer the question about what is full-spectrum CBD, we are continually learning that the most effective CBD products are made with whole hemp flowers and contain the complete array of cannabinoids. 

As we learn more about the ways that hemp interacts with our ECS and supports our health, studies continue to show that whole plant formulations are the most likely to provide effective results for a variety of health outcomes. 

Danodan is committed to making the best full-spectrum CBD products available. We use only whole organic hemp flowers in all of our products, to ensure the maximum array of beneficial compounds in every drop. Experience the Danodan Difference. 

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