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National Hemp Day at Danodan

By February 3, 2022 No Comments
Hemp PlantDanodan Hempworks
Danodan founder Daniel Stoops admires organic hemp flower at an Oregon hemp farm

February 4th is National Hemp Day. This day is important to celebrate a plant with a rich and extensive history around the world. From textiles to paper, fuel to medicine, hemp has been used for thousands of years by nearly every civilization on earth. Here at Danodan, we honor hemp as a powerful plant with roots in ancient Chinese medicine.

Danodan founder Daniel Stoops admires organic hemp flower on National Hemp Day“Hemp is way more than CBD,” says Danodan Founder Daniel Stoops. When Daniel started Danodan, his goal was to create truly whole-plant products that harness the power of hemp.

“Our goal has always been to use the least amount of processing to produce the most effective product.”

-Daniel Stoops, Danodan Founder

“We’ve always known cannabis to be effective because of what we call the Entourage Effect: that all of the plant’s constituents and compounds come to bear in a synergistic fashion – cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytochemicals. And we want as much of that as possible, because that’s what makes it effective.”

This whole-plant philosophy informs every step we take. That is why we source all of our organic hemp flower from Oregon’s best hemp farms. Then we store our flower whole to ensure they hold on to their compounds. When it’s time, we grind our flowers right before they are mixed into organic vegetable glycerin. Then we slowly and gently infuse all the rich compounds into every drop of Danodan.

“The whole flower is the basis of our product, it’s a true whole plant infusion,” says Daniel. “It’s water soluble, it has endless compounds in addition to CBD, and you get it all with our products.”

At Danodan, we never use harsh chemicals or industrial processes to make our products. We treat our hemp with respect and patience, because we know that is how we will make the most effective products for our customers. Also, we make everything by hand in small batches so we can maintain our high standards at every step. This dedication to quality is shown in the effectiveness of our product, and we hear that feedback every day.

A beautiful organic hemp flower on an Oregon hemp farm. We celebrate National Hemp Day every day at Danodan.

“Our product has helped all sorts of people. The testimonials are powerful,” Daniel says. “I never imagined helping someone that fundamentally. That’s exciting and feels really great. If it works that great for these people, let’s get it in the hands of a lot more.”

At Danodan, we are encouraged as hemp re-emerges in America and gains recognition for its various uses. We will continue to do our part to showcase the power of hemp; not of just one or two components, but of a plant with tremendous potential in the future of this planet and all its inhabitants.

Even though National Hemp Day is only one day per year, at Danodan we honor the power of hemp in every drop and every bottle we make. So please celebrate hemp with us, today and every day!



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