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Delta-8 THC vs. Danodan – What’s the Difference?

By July 29, 2021 August 2nd, 2021 No Comments
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In the last several months, delta-8 THC has become a trendy new product. How do you compare delta-8 THC vs. Danodan – what’s the difference between them?

While delta-8 THC is often derived from hemp, it is really nothing like it. The process to make delta-8 THC is very toxic, harsh, and unnatural.

In reality, delta-8 is a fruit snack made with 1% juice.

On the other hand, Danodan is a fresh whole-fruit smoothie, packed with goodness.

So how is Danodan different? Here’s a great infographic to help explain:

Danodan: The Natural Choice

At Danodan, our process is designed to respect and maintain the integrity of all components of the hemp plant. We believe that all of hemp’s plant compounds work together to be more effective. This is what is know as the Entourage Effect.

So, when we make our organic hemp flower infusions, we start with organic flowers ground fresh. Then, we add them to pure organic vegetable glycerin and let them infuse for several weeks. Finally, we gently heat and filter to activate the hemp compounds.

The result is the purest, most natural reflection of the organic hemp flowers we procure. Experience the Danodan Difference.

Delta-8 THC: Highly processed

To make Delta-8 THC, producers start with hemp biomass, which includes stems and stalks, not just the potent hemp flowers. Then they add harsh, toxic solvents like butane to strip the CBD and kill the rest of the plant. Next, they add harsh acids. In the end, you’re left with an odorless, tasteless substance. No natural character of the original hemp is left.

When comparing delta-8 THC vs. Danodan, there really is no comparison. Delta-8 THC is a highly processed compound that uses harsh chemicals to destroy the plant and isolate select compounds. Danodan’s patented process respects the whole hemp flower, gently extracting all of the good stuff, for maximum results and truly whole-plant benefits.