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The Benefits of Hemp Flower

By October 6, 2020 October 12th, 2020 No Comments
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Our founder, Daniel Stoops, examines a crop of drying hemp flowers

Our hemp flower infusions would be nothing without the Oregon-grown therapeutic hemp that we use. The benefits of hemp flower are found in every drop of Danodan, from the flavor to the effects. Let’s look at why we think using the whole hemp flower benefits our products and you.

1. The Entourage EffectOur founder, Daniel Stoops, examines a crop of drying hemp flowers

The entourage effect is well-researched principle in the scientific community. It states that all of the compounds in hemp and cannabis plants work together to have a combined effect greater than their individual parts. The Entourage Effect actually came about in the early 1990s when researchers were learning about our endocannabinoid system. Later, the term was adopted by the cannabis industry to instead describe the effects of the cannabis plant itself.

We use only whole hemp flowers in our formulas. That means we get the widest variety of the hemp compounds infused into our hemp flower extracts. This process is slow and deliberate, focused on delivering the Entourage Effect. It may take extra time, but we think it’s worth it.

2. It keeps all the good stuff intact

When we get fresh hemp, we purposefully get whole hemp flowers because they store better. Hemp is harvested once per year, so we want to be sure that our flowers stay fresh and potent all year long. Storing them whole helps maintain their integrity, meaning that our batches are consistent all year.

By keeping the flowers intact, other important compounds like flavonoids also remain. Flavonoids help protect the flowers from environmental stress, oxidation, and decay. They also help fight off pests and maintain the structural integrity of the plant, down to the cellular level.

When we make a batch of Danodan, we grind the whole flowers right in our facility. They stay whole until the last possible moment. That way, all of the potent compounds inside those flowers are preserved as best as possible.

3. Hemp flowers taste amazing!A man drops some Danodan hemp flower infusion into a beverage

Just think of the difference between taking some vitamin C pills versus eating a fresh orange – that is what Danodan is like! Instead of using some odorless, tasteless CBD isolate, we use the whole hemp flower to give you real flavor. Sure, it may take a moment to get used to, but when it tastes this real, your body knows the difference.

The full flavor of Danodan makes a great addition to any beverage. The naturally sweet and herbaceous flavor pairs as well with mint tea or coffee as it does with a hoppy beer or craft cocktail. And because our patented products are naturally water-soluble, they dissolve into your drink and infuse all of the health benefits of hemp flower CBD into every sip!

At Danodan, we know that using the whole hemp flower benefits our infusions in many ways, from their flavor to their effectiveness. Try our products for yourself and enjoy the Danodan Effect!