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Will Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make You High?

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Oregon hemp flower and water soluble organic cbd tincture. Will Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make You High?

Will Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make You High? Very Unlikely

Will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high?

Talk of the benefits of CBD are in popular media and social conversations everywhere. 

But the relationship between cannabis and hemp (where CBD is typically derived) makes some people cautious. 

So, will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high? As you’ll see, the answer to this question is “very unlikely.”

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?Cannabis plant cola. Hemp plant for organic CBD tinctures. Will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high?

So, what CBD and will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high? Full-spectrum CBD refers to a CBD product that contains all of the naturally occurring components of the hemp flower. So what are the different components of a hemp flower? 

There are cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBG, and others. When you have a wide variety present, this is often referred to as full-spectrum cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are unique to hemp and cannabis plants, but they aren’t the only beneficial parts of the flower.

There are also terpenes, which are scent compounds that play an important role in how your body responds to foods and plants. 

Additionally, there are different phytochemicals (phyto = plant, so plant-based chemicals) like flavonoids that preserve the integrity of the plant. 

Finally, there is chlorophyll, which gives plants its green colour, and is a potent antioxidant with emerging health benefits. 

Will Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Get You High?

Man using water soluble full spectrum cbd oil with his iced tea. Will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high? buy organic cbd flower. buy organic cbd oil. full spectrum cbd.

Because full-spectrum CBD contains THC, many people are worried that CBD oil can get you high. However, this is very unlikely.

Federal regulations require that CBD products sold in retail stores contain less than 0.3% THC by weight. By comparison, marijuana usually contains THC around 20%, and often much higher. That’s over 66x as much THC!

Because full-spectrum CBD doesn’t get you high, it is perfect for everyday use. Take CBD before high-stress situations to stay calm. 

Add some Danodan to your happy hour no-proof cocktail so you can relax and still drive home safely. And enjoy some CBD before bedtime for a smooth transition into sleep with no lingering effects the next day. 

So when it comes to asking, “Can full-spectrum CBD get you high?”, the answer is almost surely no. At Danodan, we make sure of it.

Our Testing Requirements Go Above and BeyondLab technician handling test tubes. buy organic cbd. hemp oil & the benefits hemp oil for men & women. cbd organic.

At Danodan, we go above and beyond the testing requirements to ensure that our products are safe and non-intoxicating. Every batch is tested for two important reasons: potency and purity.

Potency means that all of our products contain the advertised amount of CBD per serving, so you get what you pay for. This also means ensuring that our products have below the legal level of THC, which is 0.3% by weight. We always fall far below that level; on average, our products contain about 0.07% THC, or less than one quarter of the limit.

Purity tests confirm that our products don’t contain any harmful or toxic contaminants. These might include residual pesticides, heavy metals, mold, and others. Hemp is a very powerful plant that is capable of absorbing these nutrients from the soil, so testing for purity is a crucial step in ensuring product safety.

But wait, there’s more! All of our products are USDA Certified Organic. At Danodan, organic means that we are using the highest quality ingredients and supporting farmers and partners that are doing the right thing. Being organic also means that none of our ingredients can be grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides. But don’t worry, we’ll still test for them anyway. 

Want to see the proof for yourself? We share every single test on our Lab Results page, and each product has a QR code which links to its own results. 

Ok, But Does CBD Oil Give You a Buzz?

Relaxed man in chair on patio. cbd oil for back pain. cbd for back pain. buy organic hemp cbd oil.

Now that you have an answer to “will full-spectrum CBD oil make you high,” you may be asking yourself if it will at least get you buzzed. Full-spectrum CBD effects can vary from person to person for many reasons. Some people say CBD gives them an uplifting feeling, while others say it can relax them, and still some report no physical reaction other than feeling better. 

What explains this difference? There are many potential reasons. 

  1. Time of day: Broadly speaking, CBD supports your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for many different functions throughout the day. So depending on when you take CBD, it may help with energy or with relaxing, since your ECS helps regulate both of those functions (and many more).
  2. How much you take: There are so many different types and strengths of CBD products that it can be really hard to know how you’re going to react. That is why we always recommend to start low and go slow – start with our lowest potency Gentle products and go from there. 
  3. Your Own Body: Everyone has a different metabolism, so you will react differently than someone else. While some people may find that full-spectrum CBD benefits them immediately, others will take a little while to find their sweet spot. Be patient and find what’s right for you!

While CBD won’t likely give you a buzz in the same sense that THC or alcohol may, a full-spectrum CBD high or buzz may instead give you focused energy, natural relaxation, or whatever your body needs at that time!

So What Does Full-Spectrum CBD Do?

Like we mentioned, our ECS is responsible for managing many different bodily functions throughout the day. Energy, digestion, mood, stress response, and sleep are just a few. 

Full-spectrum CBD benefits our ECS in unique ways. CBD supports your ECS so it can function better, and the small amount of THC interacts with the ECS in a different way that broadens the benefit. While scientists are still working to better understand this relationship, the combination of CBD and THC is thought to be more effective than either cannabinoid on its own.

But the benefits of full-spectrum CBD extend beyond the effects on the consumer. Full-spectrum CBD is more likely to be made in a more natural way, because a more gentle and natural process will more effectively extract all of the full-spectrum cannabinoids and compounds. 

Danodan Makes Full-Spectrum CBD Unlike Any Other

Full spectrum hemp cbd oil from Danodan Hempworks. full spectrum cbd. cbd water solubility. cbda vs cbd. buy full spectrum cbd oil

Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions are full-spectrum because we believe in the power of the whole flower. Every batch of Danodan starts with freshly ground organic hemp flowers. By gently infusing hemp flowers into organic vegetable glycerin, we extract the widest array of components into every drop. 

This process respects the natural power of the plant, and it helps produce the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect refers to the combined effect of all of the natural components of hemp, instead of just CBD. Research has shown that the Entourage Effect is important for maximum benefits, even at much lower doses. And to be clear: the Entourage Effect is only achieved with full-spectrum CBD, meaning anything else is second best.

And Danodan is better than full-spectrum CBD oil in important ways! By using glycerin, our products absorb better than oil and can be easily mixed into any drink because they are water-soluble. This makes Danodan fun and effective!

How Is Full-Spectrum CBD Better Than CBD Isolate?

Full spectrum hemp oil tincture. water soluble cbd for sale online USA. organic cbd. cbd full spectrum.

Many CBD products today, especially CBD gummies and drinks, are made with isolated, purified CBD. While this may not sound bad, it is far from the natural source of CBD – hemp. 

CBD isolates are what have been the most widely used for pharmaceutical applications of CBD, such as Epidiolex, a CBD-derived medication for seizures. In these situations, CBD isolate is important because researchers can consistently study exact potencies and formulas over long periods of time.

Unfortunately, CBD isolate products contain only CBD in a flavourless, odourless powder. These CBD isolates have been stripped of all their natural parts through harsh industrial processes. CBD isolates also often use hemp stalks and stems which are lower in quality and potency than hemp flowers. 

On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains all of the natural benefits that come from the hemp plant. So where do you want your CBD – from a lab, or from nature?

Danodan is a New Kind of Full-Spectrum CBD

Oregon hemp leaf in a bottle of full spectrum water soluble CBD oil from Danodan. cbd for joint pain. cbda products. cbd tincture for sale. cbd oil full spectrum.

Danodan adheres to the strict regulations, containing THC far below the maximum level. So while Danodan full-spectrum CBD won’t get you high, it will help you to be your best self, making the most of every day and doing more of what you love. 

Our patented process creates a CBD unlike any other. Danodan is a perfect full-spectrum CBD, with a natural flavour, aroma, and compounds of organic hemp in an easy-to-use formula. That’s what we call the Danodan Difference.