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Our Commitment to Education

By December 6, 2019 January 18th, 2021 No Comments
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Meet Andrew, our new Education Specialist at Danodan Hempworks. Here Andrew discusses his new role at Danodan, and how that reflects and reinforces our commitment to education in the CBD industry.

The article's author, Andrew Harmon

Andrew Harmon MS, Nutrition

Education as a Way of Life

I am a lifelong learner. Because of this, I infuse all areas of my life with opportunities to keep learning. I love cooking because there’s always a new technique or skill to hone. While I cook, I always have news or music playing in the background, learning about the world around me. When I hear something interesting, I dive deeper. I loved being in school, surrounded by information, researching, absorbing everything I can.

In 2017, I earned my Master’s in Nutrition, driven by the principle that I would continually be teaching and learnings from others’ experiences with their personal health. Education is my life’s pursuit. 

I am very fortunate for every opportunity to share my passion for learning with others, in settings ranging from community spaces to university classrooms. I whole-heartedly believe that, in any learning environment, every person is both teacher and learner, no matter if you are standing at the front of the room or sitting at a desk.

The reciprocity of ideas is what drives intelligence; curiosity moves us forward, effective dialogue means we go together.


Education at Danodan

Now I find myself here at Danodan, as our first Education Specialist. The world of therapeutic hemp and CBD is changing rapidly. The discovery of new components, potential therapeutic uses, production and extraction methods, and endless other possibilities are being revealed on an ongoing basis. Last year, there were over 700 peer-reviewed scientific papers published on CBD and its tremendous potential as a natural treatment for a host of maladies, from anxiety to cancer, neurological diseases to chronic pain, and many, many more. It is all very exciting!

As Education Specialist, it is my job to wade through this mountain of information and digest it. I then share this knowledge with you, and hopefully learn from you as well in the process. The investment that Danodan is making in our education team is a direct reflection of our commitment to quality, transparency, and community. It is my team’s job to stay informed and aware of emerging research, new science, changing regulations, and the latest trends in CBD to ensure that you, the customer, receive not only the highest quality whole hemp flower infusion on the market, but that our product comes with a level of knowledge and expertise that sets us apart. 

As a lifelong learner, I am so excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you, our amazing community. I am equally excited to learn from you and hear your stories of success with our products. Please drop me a line and share your Danodan experience with me, I would love to learn about it!

In health,

Andrew Harmon, MS Nutrition

Education Specialist, Danodan Hempworks™