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Water-Soluble CBD Benefits

By September 24, 2020 February 23rd, 2022 No Comments
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Danodan water-soluble CBD dissolves in water

Using water-soluble CBD benefits you in many ways. Our patented process creates one of the only full-spectrum and water-soluble hemp extracts available. By using organic vegetable glycerin, Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions are both gentle and very effective!

What is water-soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is the fastest, most effective way to absorb and utilize CBD in your body. Our digestive system absorbs water quickly to keep us hydrated. So, when your CBD is also water-soluble, it will absorb just as fast.

Water solubility is when a substance is able to naturally dissolve and mix in water. At Danodan, our patented process gets the best of both worlds. We get all of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant AND we are water-soluble!Danodan water-soluble CBD dissolves in water

So what are the benefits of water-soluble CBD? Well, being water-soluble has many great upsides, including:

  • Our hemp flower infusions absorb very easily in your digestive system (just like water), meaning that you get faster and more effective results
  • Glycerin is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the USDA, meaning it is safe to use and has little to no risk of adverse reactions
  • You can mix Danodan in with any drink, from water to coffee, smoothies or a cocktail, Danodan will dissolve and add delicious flavor and amazing health benefits!

Using water-soluble CBD benefits you in many ways, from effectiveness to safety to making it fun! That is why Danodan Hemp Flower Infusions are unique, reliable, and the best way to support your daily well-being. 

Most CBD products are oil-based, and if you’ve ever made salad dressing before, you know that oil and water don’t mix together. That is because oil isn’t water-soluble, so neither are all those other CBD products.

Additionally, oil takes longer to digest and absorb in our bodies. This means that it may take longer for you to feel the effects of your CBD dose. With water-soluble CBD, you may feel the effects within a few minutes.

What about other water-soluble CBD products?

Some CBD products say they are water-soluble, but this is often misleading.

Most other water-soluble CBD brands use what is called nano-emulsification. Nano-emulsification uses harsh solvents and industrial processes to isolate CBD into tiny molecules. Then, they suspend those molecules in water.

These products only contain CBD, but they don’t contain all of the other delicious and beneficial plant compounds like Danodan does. Instead, they are odorless, flavorless clear liquids.  Boring!

Danodan Organic Hemp Flower Infusions are more than just CBD. Our products contain additional cannabinoids and healthful plant compounds that add power and potency to every drop, for maximum  support of whole-body wellness.