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What is Therapeutic Hemp?

By May 28, 2020 August 12th, 2020 No Comments
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colorful hemp flowers, full of deep purples and greens, used in our production process

Here at Danodan, we love to use the term “therapeutic hemp.” We think it’s perfect to describe the beautiful Oregon-grown hemp that we use in our products. So what is therapeutic hemp? How does it differ from other types of hemp grown in the US and around the world? To answer these questions, let’s first remember the amazing history of hemp and human civilization.

A Brief History of An Amazing Crop

Hemp’s history parallels our own. The earliest evidence of agricultural hemp dates back to 8000 BCE in what is now China and Taiwan. From there, use of hemp spread around the world, its uses as varied as the places it was grown.

From textiles to fuel, building materials to food, hemp is perhaps the most versatile crop in the world. What other crop can you think of that provides so many possibilities? In fact, at times both England and the United States required farmers to grow hemp by law. Thomas Jefferson even wrote a draft of the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper!

Hemp being harvested by a group of people in an old-timey photo.

Harvest time on an old American hemp farm. Image source:

Many think of hemp as a “new crop” since it was federally legalized only two years ago. However,  remember that it was only made illegal in 1970 (ill-informed reasons we don’t need to get into here), and only in the United States. Perhaps this is because North America was the last region of the world to grow hemp? Or perhaps because of the growing hippie movement of the 1960s and the emerging War on Drugs? Either way, we’re happy hemp as returned to American farmlands!

Hemp’s Versatility Continues

These days, hemp is grown for two main reasons. One is industrial hemp, which is grown primarily for the hearty stalk of the plant. Industrial hemp is most useful for products like textiles, rope, and building materials.

The other is therapeutic hemp. This type of hemp is bred and grown primarily for its flowers, because of their amazing spectrum of plant-based cannabinoids. These include cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabigerol (CBG). Therapeutic hemp is also very low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gets you “high.”  For these reasons, we use only therapeutic hemp in our products.

Therapeutic: More Than a Word

We love using the term “therapeutic hemp,” because it describes what’s different about the hemp we use. With elevated levels of plant-based cannabinoids, our hemp is meant for therapeutic purposes.

Daniel Stoops, founder of Danodan, inspecting a crop of hemp while it dries.

Danodan founder Daniel Stoops examines a freshly harvested crop of therapeutic hemp at Rogue Bear Farms in southern Oregon

The primary purpose of our hemp is to support the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps our body deal with stress, anxiety, injury, trauma, and regulates important bodily functions like sleep. These uses date back centuries. The first record of hemp as medicine comes from China in 2737 BCE, where it was used to make a tea to relieve pain.

Our blend of Oregon-grown therapeutic hemp provides a gentle but effective balance of beneficial plant compounds, from cannabinoids to flavonoids, terpenes to chlorophyll, with a very small amount of naturally occurring THC, creating an accurate representation of the hemp flowers with true effectiveness.

Hemp is Here to Stay

Both therapeutic and industrial hemp have finally returned to the soil in American agriculture. Growing a crop that is so versatile, helpful, and sustainable is paramount to addressing climate change. Hemp may be a piece in the environmental puzzle we all must solve together.

Hemp has been used for nearly 10,000 years, including as perhaps one of the oldest medicines on record, and for good reason. Therapeutic hemp can be so helpful and supportive of general wellness, and that is why we love it!


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