Learn About Glycerin Extracts

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One of the secrets to Danodan is that we use glycerin as a base for all of our products. Glycerin helps extract all of the beneficial compounds from hemp, and it is 100% water-soluble. Let’s learn about glycerin extracts and why they are so unique.

Glycerin Extracts Explained

The technical term for a glycerine extract is glycerite. It is defined simply as a fluid extract of a botanical or other medicinal substance made using glycerine as the majority of the fluid extraction medium. Glycerine can be sourced from animals and vegetables. We use only certified organic vegetable glycerin.

When utilized in a ‘passive’ process, such as with tincturing, glycerin is generally considered a weaker solvent than either water or ethanol/alcohol. ‘Passive’ in this context simply means placing the botanical in glycerine and steeping for a period of time. Using heat would also be considered passive. And yes, passive processes using glycerine do not result in very high potency. But with some R&D, we here at Danodan’s have come up with a dynamic process that significantly boosts extractive potential and produces an extract possessing unique properties and qualities.

The drawback to most extraction solvents like alcohol and butane is they denature and render inert many of a botanical’s extracted constituent and compounds. This is the wonderful thing about glycerin – it possesses no such denaturing and inert rendering effects. It has become widely accepted that to preserve the biological viability and synergy of a botanical’s extracted constituents, glycerine is best. This is particularly true for the extraction of aromatic-based compounds – yes, think terpenes – which are so smelly and tasty and therapeutic. It’s remarkable how the intrinsic taste quality of a particular strain of cannabis is retained, indicating that its botanical compounds remain very much in intact. When you taste and even smell our finished extracts, you immediately realize how remarkably similar they are to the harvested cannabis itself.

A few other great things about our hemp flower CBD extracts:

  • Water-Soluble – you can put them into any beverage you like. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoothies, cocktails, etc.
  • Convenient – our 1oz bottle with a dropper is just like any other tincture bottle, so it’s easy to take anywhere. Take your Danodan to your favorite cafe or bar and add it to your beverage to enjoy the therapeutic effects.
  • Dose Flexibility – Tolerances vary but with the dropper you can get the dose that is right for you every time.
  • Long-Lasting – Edible cannabis is long-lasting in general but glycerite is particularly so. Unlike alcohol, that has quick access to the liver, glycerine is absorbed about 30% slower by the digestive tract and is utilized through a secondary pathway in the liver, known as the ‘gluconeogenic’ pathway. This slower absorption rate creates a remarkably long and smooth plateau of relief. Glycerite is still faster acting than standard edibles, our caramels included.
  • Perfect for People Who Get Anxiety from Cannabis – Many people get anxiety after smoking cannabis. Some like that “edge” but for so many others, it’s bad enough that they swear cannabis off forever. Cannabis glycerite is the solution for these folks. After every trial, every person who thought they could never use cannabis again told us they had a wonderful anxiety-free experience.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about glycerin extracts. Visit our shop to get a Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion for yourself, and see why glycerin is the best way to make an effective water-soluble CBD!