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Community & Collaboration

We’re honored to work with a fine group of farmers, distributors, and stores. Collaboration with like-minded companies–those who focus on craftsmanship and community–is of vital importance to us and to our vision.


Danodan is OLCC licensed, and we’re currently seeking opportunities to partner and co-brand with OLCC Licensed Oregon growers who want to bring their brand and product to market with glycerite tinctures. Our process creates an amazing medium for growers to showcase the distinct flavor, feel, and effects of their respective cannabis plants.

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Drink Makers

If you’re an adventurous drink-maker seeking a new ingredient, beverages infused with either THC, CBD, or both, are capturing the attention of a larger, and ever more educated customer base and industry. Danodan can provide you with our premium, water-soluble cannabis glycerite via custom buying options that range from 4 ounces to several hundred liters.

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For Stores

Danodan Grassworks has been available at dozens of OMMP dispensaries since 2013, and we also serve the recreational market, as well.

Whether we’ve worked together before or we’re new to each other, we’d like to learn more about your process for onboarding new brands.

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For Distributors

We offer one product line, in two formats. Danodan Hemp Flower CBD Shot is available in a four ounce pump bottle perfect for bars, as well as, a one ounce dropper bottle for retail establishments.

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For White Label

We can design, package, and produce a product tailored to, and representative of the uniqueness of your brand.

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