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CBDA Tincture (CBDA+)

Danodan CBDA+ Organic CBDA Tincture adds a new dimension to our line of organic hemp flower infusions. Also, CBDA+ is a limited-edition offering, so don’t miss out!

Rich in CBDA – the raw form of CBD – and several other hemp cannabinoids, Danodan CBDA Tincture – CBDA+ is similar to our Gentle formulas because of its simple recipe.

However, CBDA+ is unique because we don’t decarboxylate – fancy word for β€˜cook’ – it. Therefore, our CBDA Tincture may offer different benefits than CBD.

Danodan CBDA+ contains 8mg of hemp cannabinoids per serving, including organic CBDA and more.

Our gentle infusion process extracts the full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from organic hemp flowers, providing a whole plant formula.

CBDA is currently being researched for many reasons, and may have tremendous benefits for a variety of people.

Our CBDA Tincture may support healthy serotonin levels. Serotonin is important for moderating many everyday functions including sleep, digestion, motor skills, and emotions.

Additionally, CBDA may help regulate inflammation and pain by inhibiting an important enzyme called COX-2. Learn more about CBDA in our blog!

Danodan CBDA+ Organic CBDA Tincture offers an exciting new expansion of our lineup of organic hemp flower infusions. Experience the Danodan Difference.

Certified USDA Organic by OneCert.

Certified Gluten-Free by NSF.

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5 reviews for Buy CBDA+ Organic CBDA Tincture

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  1. Erin Cadena (Verified Purchaser)

    I have chronic pain and feel that this CBDA+ tincture works better than the 20 or 30mg tinctures. I use both now and am getting more benefit.
    *I really wish this product could be a permanent addition and that it would be available in the 4 oz. size
    Thank you, Danodan! You make the best product I have used and I have tried many different brands.

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  2. Andrea C. (Verified Purchaser)

    I use this and Organic CBD 20mg Moderate in combination with my stress meds and I find it helps me have a more relaxed mindset throughout the day. It also seems to be reducing my overall inflammation and the effects I feel from seasonal allergies (however I’m still testing that out). I love the flavor of all the Danodan products I’ve tried.

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  3. Anonymous (Verified Purchaser)

    Love it

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  4. Chad Readout (Verified Purchaser)

    Works well for after my runs πŸ™‚

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  5. Donald Arbuckle (Verified Purchaser)

    The CBDA help my wife sleep and provides us with an anti-inflammatory supplement.

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  6. Andrew Harmon (store manager)

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks so much for your review, we’re happy that you are finding support with the CBDA+ formula! And don’t worry, we will continue to offer a CBDA-rich formula, we just may change the recipe slightly and offer a higher potency at some point.

    Be well,

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What is CBDA Tincture?

CBDA Tincture is a non-psychoactive cannabidiol acid (CBDA) tincture that has a very high terpene and antioxidant content. The raw cannabis plant’s CBDA can be extracted to create its own unique properties separate from the more commonly known CBD ones. CBDA is found in many products today such as edibles or topical creams for occasional pain relief.

CBDA is a powerful anti-inflammatory and bacteria that can be used for occasional pain management, minor sports injuries, and more. The topical use of CBDA Tinctures will help with skin conditions or infections by targeting inflammation in those areas where it’s needed most.

We use only top-shelf Oregon hemp flower in our extraction process. This ensures that we are getting the widest and densest range of cannabinoids available on this plant, as well as other important molecules like sub-cannabinoids or terpenes for taste benefits.

Get More With Lower Doses!

Our patented products deliver effective results at lower doses. We make our infusions with organic vegetable glycerin, which is digested and absorbed more easily than CBD oil. Our infusions also naturally mix into your favorite beverage, so you can add organic CBDA to any drink.

Each 2mL serving provides 8mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids from organic hemp, including organic CBDA. An easy-to-use calibrated dropper helps you measure and adjust each serving for your personal needs.

How To Use CBDA Tincture

The market for CBD products is booming, with new innovations coming out every day. One type of product that’s especially popular among consumers are those high in CBDA.

Full-spectrum whole plant CBD and CBDA tinctures will contain the entire chemical profile including major and minor cannabinoids as well as terpenes. CBD tincture is designed to give you relief from pain or other symptoms without any dangerous side effects.

The hemp plant has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. There are many ways you can enjoy this ancient plant, such as adding it to your food or, since it’s water-soluble, you can also mix it in your favourite coffee, tea, or juice.

Danodan CBDA+ Organic CBD Tincture Ingredients: Organic hemp flower proprietary blend (Organic vegetable glycerin, organic hemp flower)

SUGGESTED USE: GENTLY SWIRL BEFORE EACH USE. Adults take 1 serving (2ml) as needed.

This product contains THC below 0.3%. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician before taking if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications.