Danodan Founder Daniel Stoops Gets Candid

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Danodan Hempworks
Danodan Founder Daniel Stoops in a field of hemp

In this Q&A, we’ll hear from Danodan Founder Daniel Stoops about the history of Danodan, how it started, and what it took to develop our patented full-spectrum water-soluble CBD products.

Q: Can you explain why you started Danodan in the first place?

I’m frequently asked how I got the notion to start an edible cannabis company. The truth is that prior to 2011, my single experience with edible cannabis was a brownie in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show in the early 90’s (a ridiculous cliche). Fast forward 15 years to 2011 when a friend of mine had some handcrafted toffee candies and caramels to share. I tried the hard toffee one evening and the light just went on. At the time, I owned and managed a bakery and café and was getting a second location open. The construction of the second spot required physically demanding work and I developed severe back pain. Both items helped to alleviate the pain immensely and I really enjoyed how they made me feel overall. I decided to learn how to make the caramels, and it wasn’t long before I began experimenting with glycerin tincture recipes as well.

In June of 2013, I sold the bakery and café. Two things were happening which drove me to create the business. The first was that everyone who tried the caramels loved them – with most asking if they could buy some. The second was the rate at which medical cannabis dispensaries were opening in the state of Oregon. I remember visiting one for the first time and marveling at the selection. A full 18 months before Oregon passed its legalization initiative, an industry with a rich and diverse set of products had already taken hold. As an entrepreneur, previous food business owner, and cannabis enthusiast who consumes responsibly within a balanced life, I felt authentically suited. After several months of thinking and talking the idea over with friends and family, I decided to go for it.

Q: What is it that sets Danodan apart from other cannabis edible and tincture companies?

We have a number of core values for our business but the one I think makes us different is our view of the whole plant. While the two cannabinoids, CBD and THC, get all the attention, cannabis and hemp plants have hundreds of other valuable constituents and compounds. The science is pretty clear that the sum of all of its parts is the magic power so to speak. So we make our products to provide as much of the plant’s spectrum as possible.

Q: Describe where you see the company in 2020?

The industry is so focused on milligrams of THC or CBD. Cannabis is so much more than these two things. If we’ve done our job right, customers in 2020 will understand this at a deeper level than they do today, and they’ll be demanding natural, whole plant, full spectrum products like ours.

Q: Are there any recent product developments you’re excited about? 

Our glycerin tinctures are wonderful but we have customers asking for higher potencies of CBD and THC. We now combine an ethanol extract with our glycerin extract to meet this demand. The results have been great so far and the combination extends the spectrum of compounds in our CBD shot products even further. The uptake time for a customer to feel the effects is significantly faster as well.

Q: There are a lot of cannabis edibles and tincture companies out there. What is it that makes Danodan’s sourcing and production practices so special?

Every product we make starts with high quality cannabis and hemp flower. In what we’ve come to call “direct infusion”, the butter for the caramels is made by soaking the flowers in heated butter. The glycerite tincture is made the same way, with the flowers soaking for several weeks in glycerin. At a time when so many offerings are made with third party produced C02 oil, isolate or distillate, we place the highest priority on having the plant touch what we make.

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