We strive to showcase the characteristics of cured, whole-plant cannabis in our Organic Glycerite Tincture. Unlike most cannabis oils on the market that are made from rapid and aggressive extraction processes using harsh solvents like butane or CO2,  our Glycerite is the result of gentle emulsion and like fine wine, lots of time. The result is a truly full-spectrum water soluble tincture that showcases the botanical in a bottle. When we combine organic vegetable glycerine, whole-plant cannabis and time, something extra special happens.


We start by working with ethnically aligned growers in Oregon who produce clean cannabis. When the handcraft small batches with as little processing as possible to preserve as much as the plant as possible.  We directly infuse carefully milled cannabis into organic vegetable glycerine. The result is an herbally sweet and effective cannabis glycerite.

Finally, we allow Father Time to do his thing.