organic labelNatural Ingredients
We use only natural and certified organic ingredients. We use none of the following: High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gelatin, and pectin.

Natural Infusions & Solvent-Free Extracts
Our caramels are made with naturally infused Cannabutter using high quality trim and flowers. We’ve made a conscious decision not to infuse our products with any hash oil extracts that use the following solvents: butane, propane, pentane, hexane, n-heptane, naptha, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol. However, we are very comfortable with C02 extracted oils and Bubble Hash/Ice Wax.

How Many Milligrams Do You Need? We Make Sure You Know.
While some patients can have a couple hundred milligrams of THC without adverse side effects, most of us have lower tolerances and need to take care to find the right dose. We like to say “Edible cannabis is wonderful…when you know how much you need”. The data on our labeling along with the helpful instructions and dosage information are certain to help you find the right number of milligrams for consistent, long-lasting relief.

High-Functioning Medicine
Edibles are in the headlines these days…for all the wrong reasons. While some careless manufacturers are making items to be potent in the extreme as well as poorly labeled with inadequate instructions, the truth is the correct dose of edible cannabis has the added benefit of providing long-lasting relief while also helping patients to remain high functioning and productive…for their families, their jobs, their hobbies and activities, etc.

Effectiveness over Strength
We know our products are not be the most potent available. Instead, our goal is always going to be effective and balanced rather than super-powered.

Strict Compliance with OHA/OMMP Rules
We adhere strictly to all OHA & OMMP lab testing requirements. And we view these rules as thoughtful, well-written and entirely necessary for producing safe medicine and providing accurate potency numbers. Additionally, we’ve taken great care to make sure our packaging is safe and compliant.