Comparing Edibles Made With Naturally Infused Butter and Oils to Those with BHO, PHO, etc.

I’m having a lot of conversations with OMMP dispensary owners, bud-tenders, and patients about how it feels to consume foods made with naturally infused butter and oils compared to how it feels to consume those made with with BHO or PHO.

Of course, I have my own biases, but there seems to be a consensus emerging regarding differences between the two.

  1. BHO/PHO foods tend to hit faster and harder, while those with butter and oils tend to come on more gently and gradually.
  2. BHO/PHO foods tend not to last as long, while those with butter and oils seem to have a longer, more satisfying plateau.
  3. BHO/PHO foods tend to effect the head predominantly, while those with butter and oils seem to effect both the head and the body.
  4. BHO/PHO foods tend to have a distinct taste that many patients report not enjoying. There are also a few reports of getting an upset stomach.

While respecting that everyone is different and acknowledging there are some very high quality BHO infused edible producers in Oregon, there really is something unique about edibles made with naturally infused, solvent-free butter and oils.