Cannabis “Lite” Now…Cannabis “Normal” in the Near Future?

After years of making edibles super potent, often in the extreme, there appears to be a new marketing and dosage trend taking hold in Colorado. It’s been dubbed “Cannabis Lite”. I think it’s a great development but I want to suggest that as the recreational, 21+ markets in CO, WA, and hopefully Oregon continue to develop, cannabis “Lite” will quickly become cannabis “Normal”. Here’s why I think so…

  • The medical cannabis market is and has been unique with patients/customers that have exceptionally high tolerances. I have often remarked that processors in the OMMP are engaged in a sort of “arms race” for higher and higher potencies, especially when it comes to edibles and extracts.
  • Non-medical consumers are starting to drive the growth of legal cannabis. They have lower tolerances and often prefer to feel functional and productive, so potency inevitably has to come down.
  • My own social circle is comprised mostly of non-medical consumers. The 12mg to 16mg piece of caramel is more than adequate for them. Many take just a half, so even 6mg to 8mg is fine. I ask them on a regular basis if they want a stronger does? The answer is always “No”.
  • The non-medical consumer over the age of 40 will be a powerful segment driving the growth of legal cannabis. Sure, there are exceptions but as a rule, most of these folks will not be dabbing. They are not seeking “couch-lock” – they want reliability and lower dose options allowing them to function while getting relief. At the end of the day, most of them are moderate consumers.
  • With super high potency offerings, it’s simply too easy to take too much and end up in a very uncomfortable place. But conversely, it’s easy to produce lower dosed offerings so folks avoid the bad trip altogether. In this way, instead of swearing off edibles forever, they become regular customers.