I’m Daniel, a native Oregonian…born and raised in Portland. I’ve been a cannabis enthusiast for the better part of 25 years and I established Danodan Grassworks in late 2013.

Folks always ask how I got the notion to start an edible cannabis company. And the truth is that prior to 2009, the only edible cannabis I ever had was a brownie in the parking lot at a Dead show in the early 90’s (a ridiculous cliche, I know). I had a wonderful time, but as I recall there wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about the experience.

Fast forward to 2009. A friend of mine had some hand-crafted toffee candies as well as some caramels to share. I tried the hard toffee one evening and the light just went on. I thought it was wonderful. At the time I owned and managed a bakery and café and was getting a second location open. The construction of the second spot required a huge amount of physically demanding work and I developed severe back pain. The caramels my friend had given me helped to alleviate the pain immensely. The back got better over time, but a couple years later the pain returned along with sciatica. I learned how to make the caramels myself. The recipe has been refined at least a dozen times…no more corn syrup, only certified organic ingredients, etc.

In June of 2013, I sold the bakery and café that caused me so much trouble. In figuring out what was next, I was certain I wanted to create an edible cannabis company that participates responsibly in Oregon’s MMP dispensary system.