Q: How should they be stored?
A: Refrigerate or freeze after purchase for optimal freshness – especially if you don’t know how long the pieces will be stored. A dry, cool place is just fine for less than 10 days.

Q: My dose is one half of a piece. How do I cut them when storage in the fridge or freezer makes them so hard?
A: Take one out and let sit at room temperature for about an hour until it’s soft enough to cut. Or simply keep a few pieces out since you plan to eat them in less than 10 days.

If you’re dose is a full piece, eating directly out of the fridge or freezer is like eating a hard toffee candy. Additionally, the caramels dissolve wonderfully into just about any hot beverage.

Q: How do you get the cannabis into the caramel?
A: We infuse the butter in a process where we throw a bunch of cannabis flowers and trim into a big kettle with the butter and water and we cook it. Then we strain the material out and cool it, etc. In the end, we have measured blocks of wonderful cannabis-filled organic butter and we make the batches of caramel with these blocks.

Q: The caramels are not strain specific. Why is that?
A: We get a lot of good strains to work with and we have concluded the best caramel has a blend. We also believe it is ideal to have a 50/50 blend of sativa and indica. It’s our experience that ingesting neutralizes many strain properties as well.

Q: Why are they sealed that way…the 2 pieces attached together?
A: The 2 pieces used to be 1 full piece. But again and again patients would say they need only half so it made sense to split the piece into 2 for them. They are ready-made for sharing this way as well.

Q: How are they “Organic”?
A: Five of the ingredients – the butter, brown sugar, brown rice syrup, vanilla extract and condensed milk are certified organic and NON-GMO. Salt is a mineral, not an agricultural product, so it cannot be certified organic. And the cannabis flower and trim we infuse into our butter is always certified to be mold, mildew and pesticide free.